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5 Decorations for an awesome celebration

Ready to boost your room from everyday to super stylish party place? We asked stylist Amanda Rodriguez to show us five of her favourite ways to make atmosphere setting decorations perfect for weddings, parties or any other celebration.

Paper materials laid out on table to make party decorations
Paper materials laid out on table to make party decorations

1. THESE FLOWERY PAPER PLACE SETTINGS are a beautiful way to personalize places for guests and a lot of fun to make! 

2. THIS DECO IDEA SENDS A SUPER FUN MESSAGE! With a walls worth of envelopes and some pops of colourful paper you can make a sweet wall decoration. Plus with a paper and pen underneath, guests can leave a note in the envelopes.

3. LET YOUR CHAIRS SHARE IN THE DECORATION. Just cut some lengths of your favourite fabric and loop around each chair, before knotting in place. Amanda’s tip is to tuck in a fabric flower to top it off.

4. HANGING STRINGS OF LIGHTS are big party decorations by themselves, but Amanda adds to their deco powers by attaching different coloured paper decorations like these pom poms.

5. WE LOVE THESE GLOWING PAPER POM POMS! Amanda recommends using a few different sized pom poms to fill a corner or staircase and then add some battery-powered string lights to give them a beautiful ambient glow.

Interior designer: Amanda Rodriguez
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell