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Work lamps

Brighten up your work day

Work lamps can help you to focus on your tasks more efficiently, productively and comfortably. Our desk lights come in a range of styles to suit your home office environment. Choose a lamp with a flexible arm and head to direct light exactly where you need it. With proper desk lighting, you won't strain your eyes or your posture, so you'll be able to work better.

Add light to your workspace with desk lamps

Shine a light on the task at hand with work lamps that provide clear, direct light with limited glare. The adjustable nature of these flexible desk lamps are ready to keep you focused and productive as you tackle different tasks throughout your day.

Choose the right desk lamp for the task

Long nights cramming for an exam or hours spent drawing up designs for a new building can get even more trying if the desk lamp you’re using is taxing on the eyes. Rather than the high wattage of most incandescent bulbs, the softer light of smart LED bulbs gives off less lumens (a measure of brightness) since they run cooler while using less energy. That cooler illumination or gentler color temperature will help you or the kids get through mountains of homework while the crisp cool light will make colors pop as the time flies by during arts and craft sessions. And with adjustable lamp arms and heads, it’s easy to direct the light closer for fine pencil work on a sketch or drawing. Or swivel the desk lamp with you as you pick up a novel or textbook from your desk to recline in your chair as you continue reading. Go with small to somewhat larger work lamps that fit any size desk or workstation. For a cramped desk, choose a retractable desk lamp with a clamp for positioning out of the way. When setting up your workstation, positioning the light above your head is ideal for avoiding glare. The flexible features allow you to find the perfect balance of brightness and comfort no matter what you’re focusing on.

Benefits of a quality work lamp

Direct quality lighting from your LED powered desk lamp will reduce eye strain two ways. Say goodbye to struggling to read in the dark or having to deal with the harsh glare of incandescent bulbs. Softer light is also conducive to higher productivity since it enhances your mood. Just think of softer, crisp lighting as a comfortable, ergonomic chair for your eyes. Like your comfy chair, the desk light you choose will swivel with you to help you find the best position to get to work—and stay working on any project.

Frequently asked questions about desk lamps

How tall should a desk lamp be?

Tall enough to be able to cast light from above your head as you draw, read or cut construction paper for your little one’s art projects. While they’re adjustable so you can direct light closer when needed, IKEA desk lamps can be raised higher to cast an even light. Find small to larger desk lamps for any size work station.

What is the best position for a desk lamp?

Either have the lamp raised above your head or turned away from you to avoid glare or shining the light in your eyes. From there, the adjustability of a given work lamp’s arm and head works with you and your chair to find the ideal ergonomic position to be at your productive best.

How many lumens should a desk lamp be?

For everyday purposes such as reading, doing homework or keeping up with your expenses, you want to be between 450 and 550 lumens. For fine detail work such as painting or crafting, you want a higher lumen count of 800 and above.