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Swede Space

IKEA’s insider tips to create a better life at home.

    Swede Space is back! Let us help you balance life at home with Kathy Davey, Head of Design at IKEA Canada, and her insider tips on how to overcome design challenges in your space. In this series, discover how to better balance work, family, and a healthy lifestyle by overcoming design challenges in the home and creating spaces that are flexible, beautiful, and personalized. ​

    Create a better life at home and discover new Swede Space episodes below.

    Episode 1: Flexible Workspaces across the Home

    ​With working from home on the rise, work-life balance has become key. Kathy Davey, Head of Design at IKEA Canada, is here with adaptable solutions to make any space a workspace by day and your space by night. ​​​

      Turn your small space into a smart space

      When you live and work in the same room, it’s a good idea to choose multi-functional furniture. Go for an office chair such as FJÄLLBERGET which doubles as a dining chair, or choose a table that can be used for around-the-clock meals and last-minute projects.

      To keep your space clutter-free, adapt your storage solutions for different needs. Whether you choose storage baskets, wall shelves, or noticeboards, you can make the most of your home office and keep everything in its place.

      Episode 2: Make Room for Exercise

      Home has transformed into a space for work and working out. In this episode, Kathy has ideas for all your home workout gear - from tips to integrate fitness equipment into your space, to flexible storage solutions. 

        Create an exercise area at home

        Dedicate a time for exercise and choose a space in your home where you can easily roll or move furniture out of the way. Start with what you have - you can repurpose your ottoman for an exercise ball or use a towel as a resistance band.

        To boost your workout experience, add music with bluetooth speakers, dim the lights, and use scented candles.

        For all your workout equipment, you can mix various storage solutions – hooks, rails, cabinets, shelving units and more – to deal with different types of gear.

        Episode 3: How to Plan a Room

        In this episode, Kathy will walk you through how to plan a room from start to finish. Using a teen’s bedroom as an example, we’ll break down the planning process focusing on activities, needs and solutions. 

          Plan a room with ease

          A simple approach to planning a room is to use a step-by-step process. Start by thinking about the activities that will take place in the room, then determine the needs that come as a result of these activities, and lastly find solutions that will bring your room to life.

          Consider a teen's bedroom for example. Sleepovers and studying are two common activities in this room, which present the need for comfort and storage. To meet these needs, choose a SLÄKT bed that pulls out a second bed and comes with extra storage.

          For a study space, create a functional spot using a PÅHL desk and LOBERGET/SIBBEN chair. This product is height-adjustable and offer an ergonomic space for lasting comfort.

          Episode 4: The Adaptable Living Room

          Our living rooms are feeling the pressure to support many needs, including family routines, activities and even working from home. Kathy shares ideas on how you can create a flexible space with multi-functional pieces – the adaptable living room.

            Think outside the living room

            You can get more out of your living room, even if it’s on the smaller side. One trick is to divide the room into zones by placing furniture away from the walls. With a sofa placed in the middle of the living room, you can create space for a home office behind it.

            Another option is to choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. A sofa bed is a great place to sit and relax, play board games or have a chat. And when your eyelids start to get heavy, it’s perfect for a nap or even a good night’s sleep.

            Episode 5: Circularity

            In this episode, we explore Circularity – the idea of keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible to reduce our impact on the planet. Kathy, alongside Hanna Ahlberg, Circularity Project Leader, share tips on living circular at home by upcycling existing IKEA products.

              Simple changes for a more sustainable life

              Reducing your carbon footprint is easier than you think, especially when it comes to furniture at home. By using tools from the FIXA series or oil and paint products, you can repair, refurbish, repurpose or even resell your IKEA furniture with little cost and effort.

              Embrace a natural trend by choosing products made from wood, a sustainable and durable material. As a large user of wood, IKEA consciously drives a positive change within the forestry sector. Since 2020, wood sourced for IKEA products comes from more sustainable sources, which means it is either FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified or recycled.

              See episode: Easy Entryway Fixes.

              Easy Entryway Fixes

              In this episode, Kathy tackles the Entryway - a small space where shoes and clutter rule the hall! But not for long, with some help from hidden storage, multi-functional pieces and durable & practical accessories.  

              See episode: Easy Entryway Fixes

              See episode: Rental Bathroom Refresh.

              Rental Bathroom Refresh

              In this episode, Kathy tackles the rental bathroom - a space that can be difficult to customize. With open storage, no-drill storage and the right textiles, Kathy creates a stylish, functional space with personality.

              See episode: Rental Bathroom Refresh

              See episode: Relaxing Bedroom Oasis.

              Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

              In this episode, Kathy creates a stress-free bedroom sanctuary to retreat from life's hustle and bustle. More comfort, less-clutter and better light control are a few of her tips to ensure rest and relaxation, resulting in a better sleep.

              See episode: Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

              See episode: Create Atmosphere with Light and Sound.

              Create Atmosphere with Light and Sound 

              In this episode, Kathy helps boost your mood at home with light and sound. Increase productivity and create a unique atmosphere with lighting that's both statement making and functional. ​

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