DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda
DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda
DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda
DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda
DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda

Did you know that pandas are very shy and avoid places where people live? But this soft toy is anything but shy. It loves to be with children, play, explore and sleep snuggly close by.

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Even though the panda is big and strong, there are only a few left. All of them live in China where they eat bamboo all day long. But the panda also loves to sleep a lot, so even if it's shy, it would love to cuddle up in your bed.All soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening and are fond of play and mischief. In addition, they are reliable and tested for safety.Recommended for ages from 18 months.Designer

Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg

Article Number704.028.43
  • Fabric:100% polyester
    Filling:Polyester fibres
    Machine wash, max 40°C, mild process.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dryclean.
  • DJUNGELSKOGSoft toyArticle no704.028.43
    Width: 40 cmHeight: 17 cmLength: 48 cmWeight: 0.53 kgPackage(s): 1

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47 cm


Loved this Panda bear. BoughtLynLoved this Panda bear. Bought it for my grand daughter to take to bed to keep her company5
My daughter loves her pandaMelissaMy daughter loves her panda to snuggle4
Absolutely outstanding!SarahThis bear is so good great value but also can be a bit sus sometimes Eats a lot and doesn’t tidy his room!5
AdorableMonicaVery cute and a bargain...soft, cuddly and beautifully made5
My 6 year old lovesRajanMy 6 year old loves it5
DJUNGELSKOGZerinahMy daughter loves her DJUNGELSKOG. She has named him Uncle Pan Pan. She thinks he is so cuddly. 🐼5
My boy likes it aDanielMy boy likes it a lot and it is washable.5
New favouriteWilmaMy 9yo loves pandas and had the smaller for nearly 9 years. Every time we visit IKEA she would grab this mama one and cuddle it so finally got her this one for her bday. Soft, cuddly but still firm - she loves it.5
Meets expectations.JimMeets expectations.5
Love the softnessElianeLove the softness5
Panda MumPandy b bearMy child has the baby panda and this ones been great to be the Mummy Pandy. Great stuffed toy.5
boxing dayKids love it and play with it.5
Soft and cuddlyCramo02I bought this for myself. It’s soft and cuddly. I now have to fight my cat for cuddle rites.5
Extremely well made toy for a child.Nicholas1I bought this Soft Toy for a baby shower and the gift was well received.4
So soft and life likebableighI bought this for my sick adult daughter to cheer her up.5
So cuddlyNiki87jsushxBought it for my son, I cuddle it instead! so soft and sooooo cute5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Long live the wild animals

The tiger, orangutan and other wild animals fascinate children of all ages. Through the textiles and soft toys in the URSKOG and DJUNGELSKOG collections, we can get to know them up close. In reality, many of them are threatened by human advancement. But it is possible to change. In our textiles we have chosen to use materials like sustainably grown cotton, lyocell and polyester made from recycled plastic. It’s our tribute to all beautiful animals threatened by extinction.

DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda

Long live the wild animals

DJUNGELSKOG soft toys collection is full of friends to play with and – sometimes – get consolation from. But it has one more important purpose: to highlight wild animals that are endangered due to human activities. Like the orangutan. It lives in Borneo's rainforests where fires and deforestation have reduced their numbers. But it's possible to reverse the trend.

Martin Petri, who works with sustainability at IKEA, was in a rainforest in Borneo in 2016. It was hot and humid. The sound from surrounding wildlife resonated intensively in all directions. High up in a tree, he caught a glimpse of an orangutan dwelling – they were back. "In 1983, a forest fire destroyed 18,500 hectares of rainforest", says Martin. "When Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, heard about it he wanted to contribute to the restoration of the rainforest. That's why, since 1998, we've financed the project ‘Sow a seed’ which has led to more than 12,500 hectares of rainforest being replanted."

Children care and want to learn more

"Wild animals provide a sense of freedom, in particular for children living in urban environments", says child psychologist Barbie Clarke, who has extensively researched about children and their development. The natural habitats of the orangutan, panda, tiger and other DJUNGELSKOG animals are threatened. This concerns many children. "But they’re also curious and want to learn more about the animals", explains Barbie. That’s why DJUNGELSKOG includes a number of books, too.

More rainforest means more orangutans

Humans have the possibility to restore the natural habitats of animals and the biological diversity which provides balance in nature ─ just like in the rainforest Martin Petri visited. “’Sow a seed’ is one of the world’s largest rainforest projects, and has given involved researchers valuable knowledge which will be useful for other rainforests which have burned down or been felled", explains Martin. More rainforest in Borneo means more orangutans swinging between the trees with their long arms. What a beautiful sight.

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Sure, they’re cute but are they safe? Absolutely!

You can rest assured knowing that all our children’s products live up to the highest health and safety standards. We put our toys to the test – up against the toughest in the world (much tougher than any two-year-old). All so you can worry less and they can play more.

Soft toy, panda

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DJUNGELSKOG Soft toy, panda