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The recipe for a low-waste kitchen

​​Wasting less food, energy and water means wasting less money.

And there’s lots of easy ways to put a stop to kitchen waste, whether you’re planning a whole new kitchen, or you just want to make some small changes to your current one.

Food storage

Using fully extendable drawers instead of shelves means you can clearly see everything you have. Clear containers let you see what you have, and what you need to shop for.

Save money

"As a family, we have saved on average approximately $70 in our fortnightly grocery bills. These handy VARIERA shelf dividers have really saved us time, money and increased our shelf space. My husband and I have learned to be creative with our meals and we use as much as we have in the pantry, before doing additional grocery shops."

- Nirosha, Sydney

Did you know...

Putting leftovers and extra portions in the freezer is great, but don't let them get lost in the abyss. Label your leftovers with dates so you don't leave food safety to chance.

Food storage solutions

Food waste

Plan a built-in waste sorting solution in a cupboard under the sink to make waste sorting an easy habit.

Save on landfill

“The HÅLLBAR bin system which we implemented, helped us sort our rubbish and make sure we are only sending to landfill, things that we couldn’t be reusing or recycling. It’s really been helpful I’ve noticed that our rubbish going out each week has reduced and is a lot smaller than when we started.”

- Erika, Newcastle

Water saving

All of our kitchen mixer taps save up to 40% water. They have a simple water saving device that reduce the water flow but don’t impact the water pressure. The GRUNDVATTNET kitchen sink series is designed to make your workflow more efficient, saving you time, water and effort. The bucket solution helps water catchment which can be reused in the garden.

Did you know...

Our water saving initiative also includes improving our water efficiency across the whole production process, whether it’s at our suppliers, distribution centres or stores.

Tap into more ways to save water

Meet the family committed to reduce waste

    Meet our Sydney family passionate about urban farming   

    Residing in Sydney’s south west, Nirosha, her husband Anil, their two daughters Charlotte and Georgina, plus dog Robert, are balancing their lifestyle where city meets urban farming.

    Living sustainably is key for Nirosha, where she strives to pass the message to her children through their favourite household activities - gardening, cooking and recycling!

    The family’s aquarium often doubles as a water source for their backyard and plants, which is rich in nutrients and good bacteria, promoting healthy, fast and lush growth.

    Our Interior designer Rizal worked closely with the family to add new ideas and sustainable solutions that easily work with their routines.

    Follow their journey on Instagram @IKEA_GreenerLiving_Sydney 

    Inspired by the impact of our families? Join the Sustainable Everyday Living program of challenges for you and your household. Together, we can show that when we all make small changes, we make a big difference.

    Connect with other sustainable conscious consumers via our Sustainable Everyday Living Facebook Community Group.