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The great garage makeover

Sure, sure, it might be where you sort the recycling and park the car and bikes, but it also (unintentionally) becomes the parking lot for everything you don’t want to bring inside, or don’t know where to put. And the pile grows. And grows. Isn’t it time to treat that collection of hockey sticks, holiday decorations, soccer balls and gardening tools to a new, neat home? Welcome to possibly the most satisfying weekend project ever.

Start with the bigger storage

These shelving units are sturdy, durable and flexible – designed to withstand moisture, dirt and heavy loads. They’re also simple to join together, so add as many as you need for your space.

An instant workshop on wheels, with loads of extra storage to boot. It’s just as handy in the kitchen, too.

Leaving the house: a simple action that also seems to takes 10x longer when little ones are involved. Having the whole family’s jackets, shoes and hats in one place? That might come in handy.

See if you can subtract some clutter before adding more storage: the items gathering dust are usually a good place to start! Then, pass on the things you no longer need for a well-earned second life. Garage sale, anyone?

Use the walls to your advantage

Say hello to hooks, rails and pegboards: great for those things that won’t fit on a shelf, or that you regularly reach for.

Time to pack it all back

Boxes, buckets, bins, crates and baskets: all ready and waiting to give your belongings a happy home. Giving each kind of item a dedicated spot will help you find them in a flash, and pack them away just as fast.