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Preserving party

Sharing knowledge is always in season. Get the whole family together at harvest time to learn traditional kitchen skills and family recipes. Share favourites, techniques and laughs as you preserve the fruits of the season.

Location: Kitchen
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 4 hours

Embrace the joy of passing down traditional skills.

A family of five is stirring an IKEA 365+ pot on a TILLREDA portable induction hob.
    A woman rinses strawberries in a GEMAK colander.

      Ritual recipe

      Passing down family recipes and cooking skills to younger generations creates strong bonds and lasting memories. When you make food together as a family, it helps everyone live in the moment – and preserving fruits is also a great way to avoid food waste! Turning the season’s excess into something you can enjoy for months to come. 


      • Get all the kids an MARIATHERES children’s apron. Put all the necessary tools on the kitchen counter.
      • Fill bowls with fruits that are in season – think apricots, plums and strawberries.
      • Use a wide pot like IKEA 365+ to cook the recipe. Put the children on stirring duty with KONCIS balloon whisks – and adult supervision.
      • Once it’s done, separate the preserves into small KORKEN jars. Share the love, save a lot and gift a few decorated jars.

      Just add water, sugar, and a lot of love

      Put the fruit in an IKEA 365+ pot and stir it with a KONCIS balloon whisk until the preserve is ready to be poured into KORKEN jars – where it (and the memories) will last for a long time.

      A hand lifts the lid off an IKEA 365+ pot on a TILLREDA portable induction hob.
        A hand with a HILDEGUN oven glove is putting an IKEA 365+ pot onto a TILLREDA portable induction hob.
        A child puts on a MARIATHERES children’s apron.
        KORKEN jars filled with fruit preserve.
        A child is stirring a KONCIS balloon whisk, in an IKEA 365+ pot, on a TILLREDA portable induction hob.