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Brew the moment

Brew your own coffee and put more "me-time" into your every cup. Use the brewing time to connect with how you feel and your hopes for the day. It's not about how long it takes – it's about how well you use the time.

Location: Kitchen
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 20 minutes

Sense the mindfulness of waiting for your coffee.

A woman, a man, and a small dog relax on the deck of a houseboat.
    A woman is drinking coffee from a GLADELIG mug, sitting on the roof of a houseboat.

      Ritual recipe

      Brewing your own coffee is a chance to have a calm, mindful moment for yourself – more about “me-time” than just having a coffee. It’s also much more sustainable than driving to your local coffee shop or using a disposable to-go cup. Brewed coffee boosts your energy levels and sets the tone for the day. As you sip, set your priorities for the day ahead.


      • Focus on the present and your anticipation of a nice, hot cup of coffee, and choose your favourite flavour. We recommend an intense medium- to full-bodied coffee like PÅTÅR, with notes of dark chocolate and a lingering aftertaste.
      • Weigh your coffee grounds (8-10 grams per cup, depending how strong you like it) and add them to the UPPHETTA coffee maker.
      • Pour near-boiling filtered water (approx. 91-95 degrees Celsius) on top. Watch your coffee come to life as it brews for a few minutes. Slowly push down the plunger.
      • Pour the fresh coffee into a GLADELIG mug and feel the warmth in your hands. Close your eyes and take in the aroma.
      • Set an intention for the day and take your first sip.

      The peaceful ritual of finding your moment

      With your PÅTÅR coffee, UPPHETTA coffee maker and GENOMSNITT scale in one place and within easy reach, it’s peaceful to brew your coffee, find your rhythm and set your intentions for the day.

      A woman in a kitchen carries a small basket, containing her PÅTÅR coffee, UPHETTA coffee maker and GENOMSITT electric scale.
        A woman is holding a GLADELIG mug in her hands.
        A woman enjoys a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen of a houseboat.
        A woman pours coffee from an UPHETTA coffee maker into a GLADELIG mug.
        A hand turns on the GENOMSNITT electric scale.