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A cosy kid’s bedroom within a bedroom

When space is limited, sharing a room can be a smart option. IKEA interior designer Sofie Lawlett took on the challenge to create a toddler’s ‘room’ in a parents’ bedroom.


A room in a room

IKEA interior designer Sofie Lawlett set out to create a space that would work for kids, within an adult bedroom. “I chose one corner of the room and focused on making it feel cosy, with its own storage and lighting, all in an affordable way.”

Kids’ corner

To create this mini room, Sofie started with an extendable bed, which can also double as a daybed. “Mix-and-match bedding makes it feel snug, and there’s a dimmable lamp for reading, which won’t disturb the grown-ups.”

Hidden storage

“In a small space, smart storage can make a big difference,” says Sofie. She came up with storage ideas that don’t take up extra floorspace, like shelves on the walls and boxes for clothes that make use of the empty space under the bed.

Sleep soundly

“To create a healthy space for sleep, you need to get the light levels right,” says Sofie. “I used block-out blinds, which make the room really dark at bedtime.” Sheer linen curtains over the top make it easy to control the natural light the rest of the time.

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Made By

Interior stylist: Sofie Lawlett
Photographer: Sandra Werud