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Modular sofas

Feeling creative or know exactly what you want? The perfect thing with a modular sofa is that you can personalise it after your own needs and taste. Just browse through our wide range of styles and covers to get the sofa you always dreamed about, and adapt it later on if your need or taste changes.

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More optionsSÖDERHAMN 3-seat section

SÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, Gransel natural colourSÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, Hillared dark blueSÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, Kelinge rustSÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, Tonerud greySÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, Tallmyra dark greenSÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, Tallmyra white/black

More optionsJÄTTEBO 3,5-seat mod sofa w chaise longues

JÄTTEBO 3,5-seat mod sofa w chaise longues, armrests Samsala/grey-beigeJÄTTEBO 3,5-seat mod sofa w chaise longues, armrests/Tonerud grey

More optionsSÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaise longue

SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaise longue, and open end Fridtuna/light beigeSÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa, with chaise longue and open end/Hillared dark blueSÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaise longue, and open end Kelinge/rustSÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaise longue, and open end Tonerud/greySÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofaSÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaise longue, and open end Tonerud/red

More optionsJÄTTEBO 4-seat mod sofa w chaise longue

JÄTTEBO 4-seat mod sofa w chaise longue, right/Tonerud greyJÄTTEBO 4-seat mod sofa w chaise longue, right/Samsala dark yellow-green

More optionsJÄTTEBO Mod crnr sofa 2,5-seat w chaise lng

JÄTTEBO Mod crnr sofa 2,5-seat w chaise lng, right/Samsala grey-beigeJÄTTEBO Mod crnr sofa 2,5-seat w chaise lng, right/Tonerud grey
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Coordinated sofas to fit your needs

Modular sofas give you the freedom to build your dream combination, and are easy to add to when your needs change. Here are some of our favourites.

See all sofa guides
See all sofa guides

Get help designing your sofa, your way

Shape your dream seating with the new, modular JÄTTEBO sofa

Big or small, a JÄTTEBO sofa doesn’t stay quietly in the corner. Soft comfort, geometric lines, giant-corduroy covers, and tons of style make it a focal point in any room. Thanks to its clever modular design, you can easily shape and reshape the layout to match your needs. And it has hidden storage, too!

Shop JÄTTEBO sofa series
A dark-yellow-green JÄTTEBO modular sofa with various natural-shade cushions on it, and nearby dark-beige DYTÅG curtains.
A living room with a dark-yellow-green JÄTTEBO modular sofa, a section revealing hidden storage, and white EKET cabinets.
Shop JÄTTEBO sofa series

A modular sofa is perfect if you value flexibility. Offering the possibility to move with the seasons, or your mood, this kind of sofa is a great choice for anyone who likes to change things up.

Have you got a new family member on the way, so you need a bigger sofa? Done. Want to transform it into a corner sofa for more space? No problem. Kids want to play the floor is lava and are in dire need of safe ground? Got your back. 

The modular sofa is a true shapeshifter

Consisting of any number of different pieces, the sectional sofas can be arranged into practically any desired shape. You can start out small and simply add on sections whenever you need to. Or, just as easily, rearrange and downsize when the mood hits you.

To make sure you can design your sectional sofa just the way you want, we offer a wide selection of individual pieces. Pick a corner unit that’ll slide nicely into place in every corner of your room. Add a chaise end for that comfortable extra leg space when binge-watching your favourite TV show. Or simply adapt your sofa when you feel like it with armless units.If you don’t fancy designing your contemporary modular sofa from scratch, you can pick a starting shape and go from there. Choose between corners, L-shapes, straight standards, and U-shapes.

And when it comes to materials – make sure you choose something that’ll match both your taste and usage. For example, linen is cooling during summers, warmer during winters and gives the sofa a relaxed look. Soft cotton is durable, feels nice to the touch and will give the sofa a classic look. Leather adds a nice touch to the entire room and will withstand both food spills and jumping children. If you really want to be on the safe side, give your brand-new sofa some extra protection with one of our extra sofa covers.

Make the most of your space

A neat loveseat for two is a great way to utilise a smaller room. It frees up space while still giving you a cosy place to watch telly or read a book with a hot cup of tea. We’ve also got some sofa bed modules perfect for smaller spaces and 2-in-1 usage: sofa by day, bed by night. The superhero you need for the kids’ sleepovers, and the saviour you desire when the snoring becomes too loud in the bedroom...

If you have a bit more room to spare, why not go for a 3-seater or bigger? Make your sofa the centrepiece of the living room or use it as a room divider. If you place a sideboard behind it, you’ll cover the backside and give the room a sophisticated touch. And with a sofa of that size, you’re guaranteed to fit the entire family – even the dog (it’s OK to let it sleep on the couch, we won’t tell anyone).