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Functions to warm every cook’s heart

An energy efficient induction, glass ceramic or gas hob? At IKEA you have three hob types to choose from, each of them with special features for different needs to make everyday cooking more of a joy. You might want a bridge function which allows you to link two cooking zones to form one large hot area. You might want a pause function, a booster function, or even a child lock? There’s a range of functions available to suit the way you use your kitchen.

Our range of induction hobs are up to 60% quicker than glass ceramic, and it’s so efficient in transferring energy to your pots and pans, it uses up to 40% less energy which will contribute to cutting down your energy bills. We’ve got a wide range available that come with free 5-year appliances guarantee (Excludes LAGAN).

TREVLIG induction hob, black Width: 58.0 cm Depth: 51.0 cm Height: 5.6 cm
induction hob
Width: 58.0 cm, Depth: 51.0 cm, Height: 5.6 cm
LAGAN HGA4K gas hob, white Width: 58 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 4.1 cm
gas hob
Width: 58 cm, Depth: 50 cm, Height: 4.1 cm
LAGAN HGC3K glass ceramic hob, black Width: 59.0 cm Depth: 52.0 cm Height: 3.9 cm
glass ceramic hob
Width: 59.0 cm, Depth: 52.0 cm, Height: 3.9 cm
LIVSGNISTA gas hob, glass black Width: 59.0 cm Depth: 51.0 cm Height: 4.6 cm
gas hob
Width: 59.0 cm, Depth: 51.0 cm, Height: 4.6 cm
DAGLIG glass ceramic hob, black Width: 59.0 cm Depth: 52 cm Height: 3.9 cm
glass ceramic hob
Width: 59.0 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Height: 3.9 cm


  • Kitchen hobs for your kind of cooking

    Here you can browse our gas, grill, ceramic and induction hobs– all at prices that leave you more money to buy the finest ingredients for your meals. You’ll find everything from single to five-point hobs, so you can tailor your choice to your cooking needs and kitchen space. Fan of gas cooking with its instant heat and exact temperature regulation? Then we have everything from single burner hobs that are perfect for simple, solo cooking in smaller spaces, to hobs with five gas burners - including a central triple-flame wok burner for whipping up the perfect sweet and sour. The wok rack is included and you can of course pick up a wok in our stores too!

  • Quick, clean and easy cooking with glass and ceramic hobs

    For easy cleaning you can’t do better than ceramic and induction hobs. They come with the added bonus of extra worktop space – when turned off of course! Our multi-zone ceramic hobs feature fast, radiant cooking that delivers an even heat. For safety, rest heat indicator lights show if they’re still hot, even after you’ve turned them off. Or opt for the kings of cooking – induction hobs! They transfer heat quickly and directly to the base of your cookware and cool down straight after for low energy use and super efficiency. Take a look online and don’t forget to check our accessories – from cookware to hob guards, we’ve got the lot.