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Plan for a reach-in wardrobe with personality

Spice up your closet space with a mix and match approach to wardrobe fittings. With a small budget and a little imagination, you can build your own modular system of rails, shelves and organisers. Start by measuring the space, that way you can map out what can go where. Graph paper is a useful tool at this stage. Next, think about your clothes, shoes and other things that need to be stored and how you like to store them - hung up, in drawers or shelves?
View of a reach-in closet space with sliding doors and IKEA furniture and fittings.
Two hanging rails with clothes hung up and an IKEA accessories hanger.
A thorough look through your clothes should tell you how much hanging space you need. Not everything needs to be hung up but it’s a good solution for fine materials and anything that might otherwise crease. Think about having two rails at different heights. It saves space and takes care of pants, dresses, shirts and skirts.

Rails like these are affordable and simple to fix into the wall. An accessories hanger takes care of scarves, glasses, ties, belts and more. Best of all, it takes up hardly any space.
Metal laundry bin and small open shelving unit holding jumpers and IKEA storage boxes.
T-shirts, sweaters, knitwear, jeans - think about the type and number of things you want to store folded. Leggings can be stored rolled up, as can blankets and towels.

You don’t have to use conventional clothes storage. These open units work well keeping all sorts of things organised. A large laundry bin can be used for whatever you like, while small boxes and organisers are good for grouping little things together, leaving you with a calm, coordinated look.
A row of six hooks with numbered IKEA hangers, some holding clothes.
There are endless ways to organise clothes. By colour, by type, by season. Another way to bring order to your wardrobe is to create complete outfits on hangers. That way, when you wake up in the morning you have a few ready-to-go looks to choose from that you know will work.

We had some fun with this idea, using a series of knobs and numbered hangers to display the outfits.
Open IKEA drawers. Inside one is a large egg tray used as a jewellery holder.
We all love the little things that finish an outift off, but they do tend to get lost if left to roam about in drawers. Set them straight with some small storage or storage dividers and you’ll never waste time hunting for your favourite things again. Try this tip – cut an egg tray to fit your drawer and you’ve got a great jewellery organiser for free!