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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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Kitchen Cooktops and Hobs

Cooktops to warm every cook’s heart

A cook’s best friend, the kitchen hob, is central to everyday cooking – and we have many to choose from. Induction hobs are perfect for heating up in a fast and efficient way. And if you prefer a ceramic one, or a more traditional gas hob, we have those too. Each has its own unique features to perfectly suit your cooking technique.

are fast, energy efficient and precise. And because they only heat up with magnetic cookware on top, they’re safer too. Our induction cooktops have a wide range of functions and safety features, like boost power, bridging zones, child lock and overflow detection (just to name a few).
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TILLREDA portable induction hob, white

TILLREDA portable induction hob

Width: 30 cm, Depth: 38.5 cm, Height: 5.4 cm
A close up of a wok filled with vegetables cooking on the gas section of an IKEA domino hob, which contains induction and gas cooking areas.
Take control in the kitchen
Read our 2017 Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide (PDF) to find a hob that’s right
for you and your family.
TREVLIG induction hob, black

TREVLIG induction hob

Width: 58.0 cm, Depth: 51.0 cm, Height: 5.6 cm
FOLKLIG induction hob, black

FOLKLIG induction hob

Width: 58 cm, Depth: 51 cm, Height: 5.6 cm
SMAKLIG induction hob, black

SMAKLIG induction hob

Width: 59 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Height: 5.1 cm
OTROLIG induction hob with flexible zones, black

OTROLIG induction hob with flexible zones

Width: 58.0 cm, Depth: 51.0 cm, Height: 5.6 cm
are the perfect choice for the ambitious home chef. Not only do those beautiful blue flames add a cosy dimension to any kitchen, they’re also fast and responsive. Our new gas cooktops have electric ignition and integrated safety valves that shut the gass off if the flames goes out.
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LAGAN HGC3K glass ceramic hob, black

LAGAN HGC3K glass ceramic hob

Width: 59.0 cm, Depth: 52.0 cm, Height: 3.9 cm
5 year guarantee
All IKEA appliances have a free 5-year guarantee (except LAGAN).
Read more about the guarantee
are practical and easy to clean. Some have variable cooking zones that can be adapted to the size of your cookware.
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BARMHÄRTIG glass ceramic hob, black

BARMHÄRTIG glass ceramic hob

Width: 59 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Height: 3.9 cm
LEVERERA glass ceramic hob, black

LEVERERA glass ceramic hob

Width: 59.0 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Height: 3.9 cm
Create a handy space under your cooktop
Use a NYTTIG cooktop separator to install a drawer under your cooktop and get a handy and protected space for your cooking utensils.
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