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Hobs to warm every cook’s heart

A cook’s best friend, the kitchen hob is central to everyday cooking. Whether you’re making a quick snack or creating a culinary delight, our wide range of hobs is designed to match your cooking needs and the style of your kitchen.

ELDSLÅGA gas hob, stainless steel Depth: 51.0 cm Width: 73.0 cm
gas hob
Depth: 51.0 cm, Width: 73.0 cm
LIVSLÅGA gas hob, stainless steel Depth: 51.0 cm Width: 58.0 cm
gas hob
Depth: 51.0 cm, Width: 58.0 cm
NYTTIG hob separator for drawer, steel Min. width: 57.5 cm Max. width: 78.0 cm Depth: 40.5 cm
hob separator for drawer
Min. width: 57.5 cm, Max. width: 78.0 cm, Depth: 40.5 cm
SMÅKOKA gas hob, stainless steel Depth: 51.0 cm Width: 58.0 cm
gas hob
Depth: 51.0 cm, Width: 58.0 cm


  • Kitchen cooktops for your kind of cooking

    We have a wide range of user-friendly cooktops from gas, grill, ceramic and induction hobs. Our competitive prices mean you can spend the extra cash on the finest ingredients for your amazing food creations. Fulfil your cooking needs and find everything from single to five-point hobs. For fans of controlled gas cooktops we offer single burner hobs, perfect for the solo chef in a small kitchen. On the opposite end of the cooking spectrum we have hobs with five gas burners perfect for whipping up a delicious stir fry to serve to your family and friends.

  • Quick, clean and easy cooking with glass and ceramic cooktops

    We understand that cooking can get messy. That’s why we have created easy to use cooktops. The ceramic and induction hobs provide extra prep space when they are switched off - of course! The induction hobs quickly transfer heat to the base of your cookware and cool straight after for low energy use. Safety comes first and that’s why we have implemented technology such as the automatic gas flow shut off and a heat indicator light. Make sure you take a look at our wide range of cooktops and accessories – from cookware to hob guards, we’ve got the lot.