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Memory foam & foam pillows

Pillows that match the way you sleep

Back sleepers, side sleepers, hug-your-pillow sleepers, there’s a pillow here made just for you. Choose from pillows filled with down and feathers, memory foam or polyester in a variety of thicknesses to support your sleeping style. And with covers made from natural and renewable lyocell, they’ll support your conscience, too.

Memory foam pillows
Gives good support and helps you to relax and sleep well as the filling responds to your body temperature and moulds to the shape of your head and neck.
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BANDBLAD memory foam pillow Length: 50 cm Width: 80 cm Filling weight: 1100 g
memory foam pillow
Length: 50 cm, Width: 80 cm, Filling weight: 1100 g
MÅNVIVA memory foam pillow Length: 40 cm Width: 50 cm Filling weight: 805 g
memory foam pillow
Length: 40 cm, Width: 50 cm, Filling weight: 805 g