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A dining room where traditional looks meet modern comfort

Make the most out of your dining room, whether if you're going to be many by the table or if you're enjoying the room on your own. NORDVIKEN table is extendable, and NORDVIKEN chairs are comfortable to sit on for hours.

Room for many dinner guests isn't a problem when having NORDVIKEN in the dining room – it's easily extended by just one person!

Place a console table by your dining room window to get an additional serving space when guests are coming over. HAVSTA has a spacious tabletop with room for both cookies and plates while the window sill can serve as a drink station.

Transform a pair of kitchen cabinets into a spacious bench and place a cushion on it to make it comfortable – LENDA fabric comes in many colors, so it's easy to find the perfect choice for your dining room.

It's easy to personalize the lighting solution in your dining room when you use SKENINGE track – just put your preferred combination of spotlights and pendant lamps on it for a customized touch and direct the light where you need it.

Create a cozy relaxation station in your dining room with the help of a pair of small tables for tea and books, a reading lamp that provides directional light, and some soft cushions that support your back.