KVOT Dish drainer, galvanized
KVOT Dish drainer, galvanized
KVOT Dish drainer, galvanized
KVOT Dish drainer, galvanized

Can be folded up to save space.

Article Number369.804.00

Product details

Can be folded up to save space.18 plates fit for drying at the same time.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number369.804.00
  • Feet:Synthetic rubber
    Main parts:Steel, Galvanized, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Handwash only.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • KVOTDish drainerArticle Number369.804.00
    Width: 14 ¼ "Height: 1 ¼ "Length: 19 ½ "Weight: 4 lb 3 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

18 7/8 "
11 3/8 "
9 "


Love it!!!TirrzaEasy to put the dishes to dry .5
Awesome product, great value!DeeAwesome product, great value!5
Loved it but it needsJenniferLoved it but it needs something to hold utensils.4
I thought I would hateJalilaI thought I would hate this because I have always bought the traditonal dish drainers. This one exceeded my expectations.5
Don"t have a dishwasher, love this thingVeeGlessnerThis definitely helps keep our counters reasonable and clean despite not using a dishwasher. It can hold a lot and, placed on top of a quick-drying mat, the dishes air dry relatively quickly. It works for plates of any size but also cutting boards, bowls, etc. which can be hard to find in these types of racks. Stainless design has held up well for over over a year with no signs of rust or discoloration. It looks clean on the counter whether it's in use or not.5
Perfect addition to our compact kitchenFirewaterThis has been a great upgrade to our sink area, replacing a non-folding dish drain that just sat there all the time. Folding this up and leaning it against the wall opens up a great deal of counter space we didn't have before. It comes with a cross brace at the top to make it more stable, but I found this to be a pain to use when folding it all the time, and so I don't use it. I haven't seen a reason to use it either, it seems strong enough without using it for many months. It also holds a surprising amount of dishes (we have Corelle dishes), I have never felt like I needed more space on the rack. We have an IKEA sink with the stainless drain area on the side, but I bet the IKEA drain mat would be fine underneath too. Greatly improved the appearance of the sink area too. I wish I had bought one years ago!5
Great for small dishes and large pansFreyja40The dish drainer was easy to assemble and strong enough to hold large pans.4
Sturdy and Collapsible Dish Drainerkmsull7We live in a small apartment and don't have much counter room. I wanted a dish drainer that was collapsible. This is perfect! It holds a good amount of dishes when open, but then folds up to be almost flat to store in the side of a cabinet.5
Stainless dish rackElectric stoveI could not believe the price and it is a space saver5
perfect for our counterlarnanWe needed a dish rack for drying our hand washed dish's. This is perfect it takes up little space on counter and holds a lot of items that need to dry. Great purchase on this one.5
Large enough for all our blender bottles!lumos934We use ours for drying our blender bottles. The small shelf is great for the lids. We are very happy with this product. It's also larger than I expected.5
Nice additionLashae2Goes along with the stainless steel in the kitchen5
BigunI was looking for this when I found it the only one I've ever found that size is in London and it costs a lot more than this one. I love it it looks so good. I could not believe the price I asked the cashier if it was on sale. It wasn't that's the normal price.5
Luv itKiran84It doesn’t take much space on the counter table.5
great looking dish racktaikosisterI was so happy to have found something so well designed and great looking! Unfortunately it does not fit (by a hair) in my designated space, a real bummer, so i'll have to return it :(5
EASY TO ASSEMBLE!LlamachThis dish drainer was easy to put together and is big enough for all the dishes, pots and pans for a family of five.5
Folds out of wayChristiane50Great for small kitchens with limited counter space5
Great designOlatheJThis is one of the most useful dish drainer we ever had. Simple, elegant and functional5
Works as expectedAJC123Bought this for the aesthetic. Use a dishwasher for most things but use this with pans and other non-dishwasher items. It works as a drainer should (needs a mat or towel underneath), however, it doesn't really accommodate taller items. like cookie sheets, very well. I usually have to lean them against the front. I've been using it over 2 years and it still looks good. I did forget that the little metal arms that connect the sides of the v didn't fold and I bent the heck out of it but I attempted to bend them back and it hasn't hurt it's functionality.5
DrainergilcebI like this product very much5

Dish drainer, galvanized

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KVOT Dish drainer, galvanized