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Dish rack & dish drainers

The dish drainer and dish drying rack are the quiet achievers of the kitchen. The clever dish racks speed up drying time by keeping your dishes, utensils, pots and pans separate to maximize drainage and airflow. If a dishwashing rack takes up too much space, try a dish drying mat that can be folded away and stored for later.

Save space with a dish rack

When you only have so much counter space around your sink, make the most of it with dish drying racks that add convenience while helping you maximize space. Find multi-tiered dish drainers in different configurations to fit your needs while complementing modern décor elements in your kitchen through sleek stainless steel. Or call upon the rustic look of durable bamboo plate holders as a dish drying rack that strikes the look of modern Nordic décor. Store lots of washed dishes, glassware and flatware with smart space savers such as white plastic dishwashing racks.

Don’t have much counter space to work with? No problem when you have several options in drain board space savers. Choose a foldable dish drying rack that can be stored out of the way when you’re done with it. Or select an over the sink dish washing rack that can double as a colander, or a dish drainer that can hang from or be mounted to the wall over your kitchen counter. Find options with removable trays for collecting water as well anti-slip feet to prevent sliding on your counter. 

Put down smart mats to keep your kitchen clean

Select kitchen mats in black, neutral pastel green or blue made of food-approved plastic for easy clean-ups in the sink or along the counter when prepping vegetables. These same counter-or-sink mats make for easy rinsing while washing a bunch of utensils. They can also protect the surface of your sink from wear while adding a softer layer between your sink and the delicate cutting edge of chef’s knives.

Need more dishwashing and dish drying accessories? Find sustainable dish drying mats made with 100% recycled plastic that can be used instead of a dish drying rack. They can also be placed underneath dish racks that do not have a draining tray.

Find cylindrical utensil holders for large kitchen utensils that showcase the sleek look of stainless steel dotted with circular openings. Or go with a white, powder-coated steel flatware holder with the look of ceramic that will be at home in any kitchen featuring farmhouse style décor.

Pair plastic kitchen utensil racks that recall stacked bento boxes with draining trays or place them by themselves behind your faucet to hold utensils, dish soap and dish brushes.

Also find durable, food-approved plastic dish rinsing tubs in different sizes that help you use less water while getting through washing the dishes faster.

Frequently asked questions about dish drying racks

How do you clean a dish drying rack?

It’s recommended to clean dish drainers weekly or as needed when they are made dirty with adjacent food prep. Always be sure to drain dish racks thoroughly.

How often should you replace a dish drying mat?

While the recommendation is every couple of months for most dish drying mats, IKEA mats made of polyester tend to last for several months, particularly if they’re washed with the right frequency (every other week).

How do you clean a dish rack?

With removeable components such as dish drainer trays and dish racks, IKEA dishwashing racks are easy to take apart, scrub, rinse and clean.