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Dish cloths & gloves

Dish cloths and dish rags are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They keep your kitchen surfaces and appliances clean and tidy, your dishes dry, and pick up messes in a busy kitchen. When dish cloths get dirty, simply wash and reuse them. Shop our collection of dish rags and dish towels below.

Dish washing accessories to make the job easy

Find dish cloths in attractive fabrics or fabric blends that are easy on the eyes and heavy duty enough to make drying the dishes a breeze. Even dish rags can be stylish when made with 100% cotton etched with blue or red along the edges. Stack them along open kitchen shelving made of wood or within wire bins to further the look of a kitchen with traditional Nordic décor style.

Or go with the high absorption capacity of a dishwashing cloth made with a blend of cotton and linen. Featuring a gray and beige checkered design, these kitchen towels can be hung from hooks or kitchen racks.

Another option is a dish cloth featuring a blend of cotton and polyester that has a soft side for dishes and a coarser side for more vigorous cleaning that won’t scratch surfaces. You’ll have a soft spot for this dishrag—especially if you pair it with a kitchen apron with matching green line drawings.

Complete the look with green and beige natural latex cleaning gloves that will help you fly through washing dishes. After use, rinse the rubber gloves with water and let air dry. Once you glove up, reach for gray and white sponges with a side as soft as dish towels and a tougher side for serious stains.

Other ways to use dishrags

Put IKEA dish cloths and sponges to work in cleaning up and drying the counter. Peel vegetables onto dishwashing cloths to keep meal prep tidy, or use 100% cotton or cotton and linen kitchen towels to get dishes or pans from the oven. They’re absorptive, so they come in handy cleaning up spills in the kitchen or tidying up the bathroom. You can even use the soft side of IKEA dish cloths for cleaning your car.

Frequently asked questions about dish rags

How to properly clean a sponge

Squeeze any remaining soap from it and rinse thoroughly before squeezing dry and leaving in a kitchen storage box that can also be used to collect vegetable peels.

When to replace your sponge

Dish sponges are recommended to be changed every two weeks.

How many dish rags should you have?

No one wants to run out of clean kitchen towels when tidying up counters or drying a big load of dishes. Rather than wait for the dishwasher and dryer, find stylish and affordable kitchen towels available in 2-packs or individually to build a collection to help you keep your kitchen and the rest of the house looking great.

How to know what size dish glove to use?

By measuring the circumference of your hand with a tape measure. IKEA has latex gloves for washing dishes in medium (8.5 inches) and large (9 inches).