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Kitchen knives

Cutting bread, peeling vegetables, chopping meat... There are a lot of different jobs that you need kitchen knives for. So it's good that we have a lot of specialty chef knives. Check out our range for the right equipment, whether you're dicing the veggies for a stew or filleting your catch of the day.

Sharpen your skills with a new IKEA kitchen knife

Quality kitchen knives are not just something for professional kitchens. No matter what level of home cook you are, using quality, affordable kitchen knives makes for better safety, control and precision cutting for whatever you’re preparing. A sharp knife with a handle that fits snugly in your hand not only prevents slippage by providing more control, it also helps you to express your creativity with more consistent cuts. While a good chef’s knife can handle many tasks, there are specialized knives and peelers tailored to help you quickly and efficiently handle any step in meal preparation—from peeling potatoes to carving meat, slicing bread or dicing vegetables.

Choose the right kitchen knife for the job 

Any professional chef or line cook has an arsenal of knives and peelers meant for tackling specific tasks. Just like the pros, any serious or novice home cook can benefit from the efficiency and convenience of tools built for specific jobs in the kitchen.

Chef's knife

Consider this the jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen. As with any chef or line cook at your favorite restaurant, you can use a chef's knife with its sturdy blade to easily break down fish or whole animal cuts, dice vegetables or finely chop herbs for an omelette. The durable blade is easy to clean and balanced since it’s made from one piece of steel.

Carving knife

The narrow, pointed blade of carving knives is used to slice thick, dense roasts or otherwise hefty cuts of meat. Think any slow-cooked holiday roast and a knife equivalent to a conductor’s baton as the family gathers round and salivates.

Paring knife

This small and handy kitchen knife is great at handling the fine details—from peeling and trimming fruit and vegetables to any job that requires the deft turning, handling and sharpness of a smaller knife.

Filet knife 

Easily filet showpiece cuts of salmon or tuna as well as delicious, slow cooked braised short rib and other meats with the narrow and smooth blades of Ikea cooks knives or chef’s knives built to ably handle the job of any filet knife.

Bread knife

Cruise through bread or soft vegetables like tomatoes with a long, serrated edge that makes cutting easy.

Blade materials built to last

All IKEA kitchen knives are durable and built to last—especially those that stay sharp for a very long time thanks to being made of molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel. This composite blend allows for a blade that is hard and strong enough to flex without breaking so that you can dice, chop and cut all day long. 

Caring for your kitchen knives 

Care is easy for chef’s knives, paring knives, bread knives and other kitchen knives that should be washed before first use. Whether made of stainless steel, an alloy blend or ceramic composite, it’s best to wash your knives by hand instead of placing them in the dishwasher. Kitchen knives are best stored in knife blocks or attached to magnetized holders that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. And keep your knife at its safest by keeping it sharp. Use a honing steel to sharpen by hand, go with an electric sharpener or take your knives to a local kitchen store for sharpening.

Frequently asked questions about our knives

Q: What is the most popular IKEA knife?

A: That’s a tough one since any of our chef’s knives are versatile, durable and precise enough for a wide variety of jobs in the kitchen, from butchery, chopping, dicing and carving. From there, you have options in peelers, bread knives and paring knives that can turn specialized tasks in the kitchen into a breeze.

Q: What are the 3 most common knives in the kitchen?

A: There’s the utility knife that is the chefs knife, the paring knife for small, precision jobs and then there’s the bread knife, which can smoothly cut the toughest loaves in addition to leveling cakes and carving meat.