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Kitchen soap dispensers

A kitchen soap dispenser is not only a practical tool for the home chef–it's also an affordable way to add a dash of color and design to your kitchen. Use to dispense your hand soap or dishwashing soap in style. 

Add a touch of color with kitchen dish soap dispensers

Apply your sense of style down to every last detail in the kitchen. Ditch plastic soap bottles and go with kitchen soap dispensers in a variety of colors, materials and designs that are ready to help you dress up your kitchen. While you can find kitchen soap dispensers that match shelving, cabinets and other appliances, furthering a certain look is easy when they are a part of a series of kitchen accessories. 

Choose classic glass soap dispensers that pair elegant, timeless curves with chrome-finished stainless steel for a look right at home in any kitchen with farmhouse or Scandi traditional décor style. Or go with the warm, calming feeling of bamboo for your kitchen dish soap dispenser. Find neutral black or soft beige soap dispensers with minimalist designs featuring plastic or glazed stoneware that will be right at home in a kitchen featuring modern Scandi décor. Browse powder-coated steel kitchen soap dispensers in white or black with black plastic bottoms. With a look of ceramic and stainless steel pumps and nozzles, these soap dispensers can be at home in a kitchen with any décor style. 

Find kitchen soap caddy options with small, hidden plastic feet at the base to keep the soap dispenser in place while protecting your sink from scratches. With sizes ranging from 7-15oz, find kitchen soap dispensers big enough for one person or a whole family.

Our refillable kitchen soap dispensers are an Eco-Friendly option

Reusable soap dispensers from IKEA come with a wide spout to make refills easier. They’re also a great alternative to single-use plastics that fits with IKEA’s goal of striving towards zero waste. Refillable kitchen soap dispensers can go a long way towards helping the environment—especially when paired with getting your dish soap at zero waste grocery stores that cut out plastic containers. Buying soap in bulk can also save you money.

Frequently asked questions about kitchen soap dispensers

Where to place a kitchen soap dispenser on the sink

Behind the sink or next to it are good spots for a kitchen soap caddy, depending on your space. In addition to soap dispensers, find kitchen utensil racks for holding soap dispensers in the same series—such as the Rinnig Series.

How to fill a soap dispenser

Screw off the top and pour into the wide opening of IKEA kitchen soap dispensers.