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Sink accessories

Are you looking for kitchen sink accessories? You're in the right place. You can create more space on your kitchen counter with our kitchen sink accessories and make everyday tasks easier. With our sink inserts, meal prep is a breeze.

Spruce up your kitchen with kitchen sink accessories

Find rinsing bowls in durable, food approved plastic that fit in the sink to provide help with washing dishes or vegetables while saving water. Find rust resistant stainless steel colanders that can slot in over your sink with anti-slip rubber edges. Use them to clean the dirt from those rainbow carrots you got at the farmer’s market, or to let a bunch of flatware dry after a big dinner party. Speaking of easy to clean stainless steel, find kitchen sink lids that magnetically attach to the strainer and sink stopper in the same series. These sink inserts prevent food debris from falling into the drain, as well as helping you fill the sink with warm, soapy water. And make cleanups a breeze with steel paper towel holders with a support bar for easy tear-offs. 

Add a rustic element with kitchen sink accessories that fit over the sink. Use an attractive solid oak chopping board as a smart kitchen sink cover for extra meal prep or serving space during big dinner parties.

Sink accessories for the bathroom

Keep toiletries within reach with the clean design of toothbrush holders, soap dishes and shower caddy baskets in white plastic. Attached to tight-grip suction cups that hold on to smooth surfaces like glass or tile, these shower and bathroom sink accessories are ready to help get you through your daily routine. Keep shampoo, soap or conditioner at the ready in the shower, and your soap and toothbrush stationed right by your bathroom sink. The smart suction cups allow them to be placed low enough to help little ones grow more independent by giving them their own space for their toothbrush and soap. Find bathroom sink inserts with lids and strainers that help to keep hair from clogging your sink.

Frequently asked questions about sink accessories

How can sink accessories be used to free up counter space?

Use rinsing tubs in the sink to rinse vegetables or to hold carrot or potato peels as you go about meal prep. Colanders that fit over the sink provide a convenient space for washing the dirt from farmer’s market fresh vegetables. And to free up more room, find a kitchen sink cover in an oak cutting board that can also be used to hold finished dishes.

How can I protect my kitchen sink?

A sink insert with a lid and strainer can help prevent clogs. A plastic kitchen sink mat can also help protect against clogs by collecting food debris from meal prep and by preventing scratches from sharp knives.

How should I store toothbrushes?

In a holder that allows the bristles on your toothbrush to breathe and dry after you rinse them off.

How to use IKEA suction cup toothbrush holders

Just clean your glass or tile wall surface and push the synthetic rubber suction cup to attach. No tools or holes are needed with easy, one-push assembly. To release and remove, insert a credit card between the suction cup and the wall. Don’t worry, your card won’t be charged.