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Fancy beef in black bean sauce? Or tofu and vegetables with ginger? Woks from our range open up a lot of cooking opportunities. With non-stick coatings and two handles to make lifting easier, our wok cooking pans will soon have you serving up plenty of tasty dinners.

Woks are an essential part of a stir-fry dinner

Call upon the smart design of woks to quickly maneuver ingredients while bringing great flavor to meats and vegetables through searing at high heat. Use a wooden spoon or the deft movements of the wok to keep veggies and cuts of beef or chicken moving up the sides before settling long enough to caramelize in the bottom of the pan. The sure grip of long handles and a bowl-shaped design helps you continuously toss ingredients so they cook perfectly while the wok supplies a quick and even transfer of heat. A second handle makes for moving an already lightweight pan even easier.

And you can call upon a wok for more than just stir frying. A wok with a lid can be ideal for poaching fish. The deep bowl shape of woks can be great for shallow and deep frying as well. 

Durable, long-lasting aluminum and stainless steel woks

Enjoy wok cooking pans made durable and easy to clean by an exterior layer of stainless steel that also helps the pan to absorb and retain heat. An interior layer of aluminum gives an even and energy-efficient heat, which reduces the risk of food burning and sticking. While the hottest surface is the flat area at the bottom of the pan, woks are designed with curved, bowl-shaped sides for the easy tossing of ingredients with an ergonomic handle. This movement is key to ensure that ingredients are browned at high heat without staying put long enough to burn. Woks with a durable non-stick coating allows for cooking with little fat and less worry while making cleaning up easier.

Choose woks in black or with a glossy metal exterior to match other kitchen appliances and cookware. Find woks with lids to make poaching fish or vegetables even easier.

Frequently asked questions about woks

What is the point of a wok?

A flat bottom that transfers heat quickly and evenly is combined with a bowl shaped design to constantly keep ingredients moving while stir frying. This movement is critical to deliver that beautiful browning and sauteing that a wok provides while cooking at high heat without burning your ingredients.

What is the difference between a wok and a frying pan?

While they both can do the same thing—brown and sear ingredients at high heat—a wok and its distinctive bowl shape and ergonomic handle is designed for tossing many ingredients at high heat with the quick movement of the pan. While a frying pan can perfectly sear a steak, a wok is ideal for browning and tossing diced or julienned vegetables with cubed steak with rice, or any other mixture of ingredients that you’d like to caramelize and cook in a sauce.

How do you use a wok?

With a loose wrist on the handle, get comfortable moving the wok back and forth in an elliptical motion, causing ingredients such as rice, chicken, vegetables and herbs to slide up one side of the wok’s curved, bowled shaped wall before crashing back down to the hot, flat surface of the pans bottom. Given the high intensity of the heat at the pan’s bottom, keep moving the wok away and back towards you to keep the ingredients rotating for even browning without overcooking.