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Pots and pans sets

Our cookware sets offer lots of features. You’ll find sets with glass lids, easy grip handles and interiors that help you measure liquids right in the pot. All our pots and pans sets are made from quality materials, like stainless steel and aluminum, so they’ll last for years.

Cookware sets with everything you need

Whether you just need a pots and pans set for one or you’re cooking for the whole family, find affordable cookware sets to match the needs of any home chef. If you cook a lot of one-pan or one-pot meals, a 4-piece set could perhaps cover all your needs in the kitchen. When it comes to more elaborate meals and more cooks in the kitchen, then it’s time to call upon the extra pots, frying pans or sauce pans in 5 to 6-piece stainless steel cookware sets. Going big could be just the right move for anyone who likes to host dinner parties, along with the ability to reach for another pan or pot without having to scrub and clean the one they were just using.

Find the right look and color in pots and pans sets for your kitchen

Form combines with function with cookware sets whose visual appeal on the stovetop or kitchen rack is tied to what they’re made of. Find all stainless steel cookware with the clean, modern look of pots and pans right from a professional kitchen. Or combine the durability and heat retention of a stainless steel exterior with the even heating of an inner layer of aluminum in pans featuring black handles and lids with tempered glass with black knobs. Also find aluminum pots and pans sets with a tinted lacquer exterior in pastel colors that would be right at home in a kitchen with farmhouse style décor.

Frequently asked questions about cookware sets

How many pots and pans do I need?

That depends on your cooking needs. If you’re the only one cooking and you often make one-pot meals, a 4-piece cookware set could be enough for you. If you love to cook more involved meals and you’re not the only cook in the house, going with a 5-piece or 6-piece pots and pans set could help everyone live their best chef’s life.

What comes in cookware sets?

It depends on the specific set, but you can get a mix of pots and pans to cover your basic cooking needs. There can be an all-purpose large pot for making stock or boiling pasta paired with a smaller pot for making tea. These pieces can be matched with a frying pan and a small sauce or saute pan. Larger cookware sets add additional helpful options in pots and pans.