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To make cooking easier, it's worth having a saucepan that's the right size and type for the job. Among IKEA saucepan sets, find long-lasting ones made from durable stainless steel and non-stick materials or explore lightweight aluminum saucepans that are easy to handle, even when filled with food.

What is a saucepan if it doesn’t help a meal stand out

Call upon a circular saucepan when you want to add a pleasing sauce to any dish. As opposed to regular pots or pans, small saucepans with high sides, a flat bottom and a decent volume are relied upon in the kitchen for refining and reducing delicate sauces. Their shape makes stirring and scraping with a spatula easy, while their dimensions and materials are perfect for focusing on turning a small volume of liquid into something spectacular.

Select an affordable non stick or stainless steel saucepan and spoon a smooth, creamy Hollandaise sauce onto bagel sandwiches for a delectable brunch at home. Use saucepans to do a béchamel sauce for an exceptional mac ‘n cheese or lasagna. Do a quick brown butter sauce with sage and garlic to coat ricotta ravioli. Reduce a lush red wine and a puree of fruit to make a delicious reduction sauce to pour over the lemon pistachio pound cake you picked up at the farmer’s market.

Steel saucepans built to last

Find stainless steel saucepans that are durable and easy to clean. The ability of stainless steel to absorb and retain heat is aided in saucepans with an interior layer of aluminum that makes for faster and more even heating as the exterior gleams to match the chrome and steel of appliances in any modern kitchen. This layered approach in smart saucepan design reduces the risk of food burning and sticking.

Another option that provides quick, even heating for easy temperature control is enameled steel saucepans, offered in glossy blue for a rustic farmhouse décor look. Also find black aluminum 3-piece saucepan sets with a Teflon non stick coating that nest together when they’re not helping you be a better chef through a material that also supplies quick and even heating.

Frequently asked questions about saucepans

What makes a good saucepan?

Good saucepans are designed to help you build or reduce a sauce. They can be big enough for a tomato sauce for a spaghetti dinner or just right in volume to serve as a small sauce pot. The metal or metals used provide quick, even heating while the circular saucepan is easy to stir and scrape.

Can saucepans go in the oven?

Some saucepans are oven safe, including the IKEA 365+ saucepan and VARDAGEN saucepan.

How to clean a saucepan?

Thankfully, stainless steel, aluminum and steel enamel pans are as easy to clean as they are durable. After scraping sauces out with a plastic spatula, just soak in hot, soapy water before washing.