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Cooking & stock pots

Tasty meals need the right equipment, and our big range of stock pots will help you make cooking a bit easier. These cooking pots are made of materials such as durable, high-quality stainless steel and have smart ideas, like glass pot lids so you can check how things are doing.

Make soup and more in a stock pot

Large cooking pots can serve a variety of needs in the kitchen, from boiling water for pasta or blanching a big batch of vegetables, to setting a pot of Sunday red sauce or a savory stew to a long slow simmer. Use a pot with lid to get your water up to boiling faster for tea or linguine. Steamer inserts in stainless steel cooking pots can help you to prep whole lobster for a chilled lobster salad or to lightly steam broccoli before giving it a hard sear in a pan. Use cooking pots to toast risotto rice or polenta before adding stock, cheese and butter for a savory platform for roast chicken or grilled fish. And of course, use any big kitchen pot to caramelize onion and garlic to start off your next batch of stock. Also find small stock pots for making smaller volumes of soups, stocks and broth. 

Stainless steel pots that will last a lifetime

Choose the rustic, Scandinavian décor style of blue pots made of glossy enameled steel, which is durable and easy to clean. They conduct heat quickly and evenly, making it easy for you to control the temperature. Or go with the sleek, modern look of stainless-steel stock pots that can complement the look of chrome and steel in any modern style kitchen. While stainless steel is prized for its durability and ability to absorb and retain heat, there are also stainless steel cooking pots that integrate an interior layer of aluminum for faster and more even cooking.

Frequently asked questions about stock pots

What is the difference between stock pots and cooking pots?

Any large sized cooking pot can double as a stock pot. A stock pot can be used to cook a variety of dishes from soups to stews and crab boils.

What are cooking pots good for?

Cooking a large variety of one-pot meals, as well as prepping ingredients—such as boiling pasta or blanching vegetables—and making large batches of stock.

How to clean large pots?

Make it easy on yourself by rinsing your stock pots after using them. If any sauces stick to the side, just soak in hot soapy water before scrubbing.