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Closet lighting

Start your day with the convenience of soft closet lights that switch on when you open your  closet door or wardrobe. No need to worry about glare that can wake someone up in a dark room—apply easy to install LED closet lights that have a crisp yet soft glow while being energy-efficient and suitable in confined spaces in closets, shelving and bathrooms as well. 

Shine a light on your wardrobe with crisp closet lighting

Don’t let your favorite clothes, shoes, workout gear or handbags get lost in the dark. Use cool, crisp LED closet lighting to be on your way faster while getting ready for a night out, work or your morning jog. See colors clearly and stay organized with recessed lighting that automatically turns on or off when you open your closet or shelves. Apply a stylish glow to the top or sides of your closet or wardrobe with easy to install LED track lighting. 

Keep it simple with wireless closets lights

Installing LED flush mount light strips is a cinch with no wires to worry about. Rechargeable battery-powered LED strip lights are ideal for closets without existing wiring or any cabinet or drawers where you do not want to bother with drilling holes and snaking wires through furniture. For even more convenience choose a wireless closet light that can be dimmed remotely—use the dimmer switch to turn your closet light fixture down when getting ready before your partner wakes up or let your closet track lighting shine after putting on your best dress or suit before your wardrobe mirror. And closet lighting strips that can be controlled remotely are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home.

Apply the smarter, safer glow of LED closet lighting

Say goodbye to the bright lights that interrupt your partner’s sleep while you get ready for work an hour or two earlier. See clearly with a soft, crisp light that switches on as you open the door and turns off as soon as you close it. These LED lights are energy-efficient and suitable for use in confined spaces, such as cabinets, bookshelves and closets, as the LED light source emits low heat.

Closet Lighting FAQs

How do I add a light fixture to a closet?

It’s easy with LED lighting strips with sensors that can be placed at the top or bottom of shelving or ledges in confined spaces such as wardrobes, medicine cabinets and closets.

How can I add light to a closet without wiring? 

Use LED light strip lights powered by rechargeable batteries that are easy to install anywhere since they do not need wires. No outlets, no problem. 

How to light up a closet?

There are a variety of options based on your needs and sense of style. Recessed lighting can provide a stunning effect that also puts your suits or dresses on display. Similarly, track lighting in drawers can showcase treasured items such as watches or jewelry.

How to select the right lighting for your closet?

The right lighting in your bedroom closet provides color distinction between everything in your wardrobe and doesn’t leave any corners or items lost in shadow. Choose easy to install LED closet lights that will put everything in your closet in a clearer perspective without creating sharp glares that can wake someone up too early.