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Rechargeable batteries & battery chargers

In a world where we rely on electronic devices to power our lives each and every day, keeping things charged is essential to keeping life moving. Our rechargeable batteries make it easy to keep a fresh set at the ready, and are an environmentally-conscious choice over single-use alkaline batteries. Keep your electronics powered without constantly adding pricey disposable batteries to the shopping list by making an affordable investment in AA and AAA battery chargers, rechargeable batteries, battery packs and more from IKEA.  

Rechargeable batteries and chargers in popular sizes

IKEA offers affordable rechargeable batteries and chargers in some of the most commonly used household sizes. Our AA and AAA battery chargers and batteries are a popular pick for powering everything from radios to remote controls.

  • Looking for a unique, practical housewarming or first apartment gift? AA and AAA rechargeable batteries are an A+ choice! Complete the set with one of our AA and AAA battery chargers and help them start out in their new home with a smart, sustainable battery solution.
  • Rechargeable batteries help save money over time, and offer the convenience of always having a fully-charged batch of batteries at the ready. But they also help the environment in two key ways, cutting down not only on the necessity of regularly buying fresh batteries, but also the question and hassle of proper disposal. Our batteries can be recharged time and again, saving on production time, materials and waste.
  • Some of you may think of the 80s flick when you hear ‘Batteries Not Included’ but parents are more likely to think of the sound of crying children as they rifle through the battery drawer, coming up empty-handed. Keeping a supply of rechargeable batteries in your home essentials arsenal helps save the day on birthdays, holidays and more—whenever Batteries Not Included rears its head! (not the movie)

Why keep charging new batteries on your credit card when you can recharge them at home? Shop IKEA’s rechargeable AA batteries, AAA rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and more for a more sustainable battery solution