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TRÅDFRI Driver for wireless control, smart gray, 30 W

TRÅDFRI Driver for wireless control, smart gray,

Price $ 40.00

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Now it's really easy for anyone to use smart lighting. This driver allows you to connect your integrated lighting from IKEA – turn on, turn off and dim so you always have the right light and mood at home.

Article Number603.426.61

Product details

Use the wireless dimmer to dim, turn on/off up to 10 light sources - all will behave in the same way.

Helps lower your electric bill because dimming the lights saves energy.

By connecting this product to the DIRIGERA hub, you get even more out of it and can also control it, together with other smart products, in the IKEA Home smart app.


IKEA of Sweden


Width: 11 1/4 "

Depth: 2 1/8 "

Height: 3/4 "

Power: 30 W


Works great!HeatherThis driver works great for my oversidan lights in my closet. I have 5 lights connected to it. The lights come on when I open the door like it supposed to, and goes off when I close my closet door.5
Difficult to pair remote to but found solution.RyanSo I bought this for use with the MITTLED under cabinet lights. I bought the RODRET switch to connect to it. My first attempt to pair the remote (like I have done on numerous other ikea smart home pairing products without issues) proved unsuccessful. After an hour trying different things I returned this item and remote thinking they were defective. Purchased replacements and still had the same issue. It wasn't till reading a snippet in the install video I opened via QR code in directions that it is mentioned that you can try FACTORY RESETTING THE NEW REMOTE by clicking the pairing button 4 times fast within 5 seconds. Crazy you need to do this from factory but once I did that it connected like normal. Seems like it may actually be an issue with certain remotes. Anyways try factory resetting the remote before attempting to pair if you have issues with that.5
Easy to useFionaEasy to connect to the Oversidan lights.5
Monstrosity DarylAll I wanted was to be able to dim the cabinet lights they recommended. In order to do that I had to buy this and a separate remote. None of which is compatible with anything else to be able to control. It big and quite noticeable if you don’t secure it out of the way. It difficult since they don’t provide you anything to attached to a metal cabinet. If I had bought the lights first and missed the return deadline I would never have bought any of their lighting for cabinets. I am now looking for replacement lights that are more user friendly and compatible with other smart systems. Don’t buy.1
Cannot pair remoteKathleenCalled support, they told me to check youtube. Cannot pair with styrbar remote. Tried repeatedly, reset remote. Does not pair as shown in product video. Any other support options? I work in technology and none of these systems are clear.2
Can’t connectKayelinI got these with my whole kitchen remodel with ikea… I have not been able to connect it to the remote. I’ve followed all instructions and nothing connects. Need some help!3
Bang for the buckErnesto H.This item works as designed right out of the box 📦 and is literally plug and play !5
It was fineJulieIt was fine5
really poor, confusing "kit"HaroldThis unit is plastic, grey (not sure why when everything else is black or white) and has proprietary connectors. You need to purchase other elements including a power cord, a hub, and whichever light that works with this Ikea system. What this means is by the time you purchase a power cord, this unit, a hub (or remote control) and lights separately, it becomes less value for small setups. HOWEVER, if you are lighting a whole ikea cabinet with many lights, it cuts down on clutter. These are facts, not opinion (for ikea who keep deleting negative reviews.)1
nopeHaroldbad design for this whole lighting system they have developed. All negative reviews so far have failed to post, lets see what happens here ikea.1
Great upgrade for LED lights!JohnThis new version transformer/controller works perfectly with the older LED lights. The new features such as smooth dimmer are great. I needed to replace the previous unit which started to intermittently malfunction after 7+ years. Just remember to get the new version remotes.3
Very difficult to pair with wireless remoteConorPairing the LED Driver with the wireless remote is EXTREMELY buggy and inconsistent. It took me over 30 minutes of trying to pair, no success, reset, try again, no success, reset... Until finally it paired. Once paired the product worked flawlessly for over 1 year, until one day I had to toggle the main circuit breaker of my house and the wireless remote no longer worked. Once again, re-pairing the remote took over 30 minutes of trying over and over. I found that the following process yielded the best results: Unplug/power off the LED Driver for 10 seconds. Plug/power on the LED driver, and within 5 seconds press and hold the little "Reset" pinhole switch for approx. 5 seconds. Next, attempt to pair the wireless remote by press-and-holding the pair button of the remote for at least 10 seconds. I noticed that there is a little LED inside the wireless remote that will begin pulsing when the pairing process is working. You may need to move the remote around to find the "sweet spot".2
Light ‘em upThomasWorks well.5
Easy to useFionaEasy to connect to the Oversidan lights.5
Lack of Info and Total Pain to install, but works!KonradI too was about to leave a 1 star review, b/c I was having the same problems as others...the LED lights would pulse/flash every 10 secs or so. I thought my driver was faulty. Before returning it, I did some deep digging on line. In reality, unless you pair the tradfri dimmer remote to this driver, it will always pulse like this. The instructions do not tell you this...I found out on reddit. So I then tried to pair the remote...which I can confirm, is a total PITA. It took a LOT of attempts, resets, etc to get it to pair. Easily spent 40 mins. This is from someone who has paired tons of smartplugs, bluetooth devices, hardwired dash cams, etc. I'm not a luddite, but this was asinine. Once everything paired, all the pulsing/flickering stopped. It dims and turns on/off perfectly. Ikea really needs to include better instructions or videos b/c they're getting returns/negative reviews due to lack of info. If you don't want the remote/dimmer, get the Ansluta 19w driver, and avoid this mess2
TrashChristopherIkea must have accepted a bad batch of these 30watt transformers. I got two for online purchase, same problem every other one star reviewer has: 10 second flicker and unable to pair with any remote. Took them back to local Ikea and picked up two new ones. Same result. Ikea would be very wise to pull these from the shelves while they still have a shred of credibility left.1
It’s just fineKimbleyIt’s just fine5
Dose not workAntonellaI couldn't pair it with the remote, and the lights was keep blinking every 10 seconds1
Low voltage transformerGlennGreat for low-voltage lighting5
Works great!HeatherThis driver works great for my oversidan lights in my closet. I have 5 lights connected to it. The lights come on when I open the door like it supposed to, and goes off when I close my closet door.5

Easy and affordable home lighting technology

Rebecca Töreman is facing a group of journalists. They’re visiting the headquarters of IKEA design with hopes of getting a glimpse of innovative products. They bustle to see and touch what Rebecca and her team have spent the last two years creating: the IKEA Smart lighting range.

Rebecca is ready. She knows the reasoning and effort behind every aspect of the range, and she can explain how it will change life at home for the better. But her audience is enthralled with something she forgot could be exciting. “People were amazed with the remote,” says Rebecca. “That you could steer your lamps from wherever you are.” She laughs, pleased to be reminded it can be a delight to control the brightness or tone of a bulb remotely. “When you work with it so closely you get used to the products and the things they can do,” says Rebecca. “So, when you hear people ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ over the design and function of the remote—which I see every day—you feel very proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

Improving life at home

Smart lighting is one way we’re using technology to improve life at home. Imagine a cozy weekday family dinner, lights glowing soft and warm. When the meal is done, the table is cleared for homework, which calls for clean, bright light. The goal of Rebecca and the Smart lighting team is to make that transition simple and smooth. Literally, it can be at the touch of a button. “Lighting is such an important part of life at home,” says Rebecca. “You do so many activities every day at home and the light needs to support you in doing all these things.” The range is made up of products that can be combined to create a personalized home lighting solution. It includes LED bulbs, panels and cabinet doors that can all be controlled by a remote. You can dim them and even change the tone of the light, from warm to cold. One remote can control up to 10 Smart lighting products.

Making home tech affordable

Smart lighting technology isn’t new, but so far it hasn’t been so accessible. “It’s been very expensive and complicated,” says Rebecca. “If we can develop Smart lighting that’s easy to understand and affordable, it actually becomes accessible to the many people.” When it comes to cost, Rebecca and her team set a personal goal. “What would we want to pay for a light bulb like this?” asks Rebecca. “We’ve been going back to this idea throughout the whole process.” Working with large volumes has helped lower costs and by collaborating with experienced tech suppliers, we’ve been able to find smart ways to save. Those savings are then passed on to the customer.

User friendly and convenient

By offering “kits” that have everything you need to get started, we make it easier to have Smart lighting in your home and if you end up wanting to expand your solution, it’s simple. “You can start with the function that suits you and your family’s life, and you can build on that,” says Rebecca. You can look forward to even more Smart lighting products from IKEA in the future. “There will be upgrades and new things customers can do to improve and build on the system,” says Rebecca, who sees a fuss-free future where very little can interrupt a lazy afternoon. “If you sit on your sofa and want to turn on the light, but the light switch is over on the wall, well, obviously with the wireless remote you don’t actually have to get up!”