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Serving bowls

Our range of serving bowls and salad bowls come in different sizes, shapes and styles for every need and occasion. So whether you're serving spaghetti and meatballs at the family gathering in a ceramic serving bowl, snacks or sides in glass bowls or a garden fresh salad in a wood serving bowl at dinner, you'll find what you need at IKEA.

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Serving bowls for every need

Whether you want bowls for guacamole for four people, salad bowls to serve everyone from or glass serving bowls for popcorn on family movie night, find a variety of affordable options in different attractive materials from IKEA.

Find small 3” bowls in the shape of French fry cartons that are great for holding dipping sauces, gravy for holiday dinners or ketchup for curly fries. Medium sized serving bowls from 5” to 8” can hold either nuts or candy for a group or be used as individual serving bowls for soups or salads. Go with bigger serving bowls for holding a sea of nachos on gameday, baked ziti on Sunday night dinner or an attractive array of fruit on your kitchen island.

Serving bowls in classic materials for any occasion or décor style

Match the look of any home design style for your kitchen or dining room with serving bowls made with refined natural materials.

Sure, the sleek reflective sheen of durable stainless steel bowls can complement polished wooden dining room tables traced with iron for a standout pairing in modern Nordic design. But in addition to being stunning, stainless steel serving bowls have great heat retention that’s helpful for holding party snacks like almonds toasted with sea salt and fennel or a large portion of scrambled eggs at breakfast when you have family staying over for the weekend.

Let elegant opal glass, color glazed stoneware or feldspar porcelain serving bowls in white with decorative, frilled edges hold baba ganoush, marinated artichoke hearts or grilled asparagus at your next dinner party. 

Or perhaps go with wood serving bowls with the elegant expression of bamboo for a table setting featuring traditional Scandi décor style. Use them as salad bowls and pair them with beech wood serving spoons and forks from the IKEA cooking utensils collection. There’s even an option in wooden serving bowls where the exterior is painted soft white and the interior shines with the refined look of lacquered bamboo.

Find decorative serving bowls with lids that have the old fashioned look of timeless crystal dishes at grandma’s house. These glass serving bowls sit on a stem and are ready to add an extra touch of elegance to a dining room featuring traditional Nordic décor style.

Or use stainless steel sharing bowls in white or gold cut leaf patterns to complement other Scandi modern design elements in your kitchen or dining room. Use them to hold unshelled walnut or pears on your beech wood counters or oak dining room table featuring iron edging.

Frequently asked questions about serving bowls

What is a serving bowl?

Any size bowl when it comes to serving various sizes portions of anything you’d like to enjoy and share. A small cereal bowl can be a sharing bowl when it’s comes to sunflower seeds or toasted almonds between friends. Larger bowls are great for sharing popcorn or nachos. IKEA has sharing bowls ranging in size from 3” to 16 ½” to cover all your needs.

What to serve in wooden bowls?

Wood serving bowls are an attractive option for serving salads or popcorn, as well as rustic sauces like roasted corn pico de gallo or romesco sauce. Bamboo serving bowls from IKEA will complement anyone’s take on modern Nordic décor style.

How to clean a wooden salad bowl

 IKEA has easy to care for bamboo serving bowls that are handwash only.