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Bathroom vanity lights

Bathroom vanity lighting completes your bathroom storage for a functional and beautiful bathroom. Helps out your routines, whether you’re putting on your game face or taming a stray hair. Tested and approved for bathroom use.

Be at your best with modern bathroom vanity lighting

We all want to strike a balance between elegantly designed, modern lighting fixtures and sharp LED illumination that helps us see clearly while brushing our teeth or putting on some makeup. While task lighting around the bathroom mirror and the makeup table is important, so is letting Aunt Sally bask in the elegant lighting scheme of your bathroom vanity. So select bathroom LED vanity lights with a sleek modern design that will wow your aunt while being perfectly placed to provide direct illumination for any grooming needs—as opposed to bathroom ceiling lights or low-lying bath bars that can cast shadows and present uneven lines.

Put a spotlight over your bathroom mirror with bathroom vanity lights

Bathroom lighting over the vanity cabinet can directly hang over the mirror in sleek powder-coated white aluminum or “float” above it in arching chrome-plated aluminum with a sci-fi look or span horizontally in a circular, white aluminum housing with a classic look. Enjoy warming, even illumination for whenever you open the cabinet or whenever you tidy up before the mirror.

Things to know before selecting bathroom lighting over your vanity mirror

Once you know what you like, measure out the width of your bathroom vanity. At the most, that is the maximum width for whichever bathroom cabinet light you select. To center your vanity light, you can make it two inches shorter (4 total) than both sides of your vanity. For even illumination, raise your vanity lights at least 3 inches above the mirror. Long-lasting LED lights provide crisp, yet warming illumination for our modern bathroom vanity lights.