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Sheepskin, cowhide & faux fur rugs

Our elegant sheepskin rugs and cowhide rugs bring an elevated, rustic charm to any space, with natural variances in pattern and shade that lend to their beauty. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, all the leather and skins used to craft our cowhide and sheepskin rugs were sourced as a by-product of the food industry, ensuring the entire animal is used. 

Cowhide and sheepskin rugs that are safe for your family

Sheepskin and cowhide rugs require special treatment in preparing them for indoor flooring use. Rest assured that our processing doesn’t use chemicals or heavy metals that are harmful to humans or the environment. One of the biggest benefits of supremely soft cowhide and sheepskin rugs is how comfortable they are to sit and walk on, and we want you to feel confident that you’re not coming into contact with worrisome chemicals. 

Where to place cowhide rugs and sheepskin rugs

We’re firm believers that you should decorate however you wish, but there are certain locations that are quite simply perfect for sheepskin and cowhide rugs! Some of our favorites include…

  • In front of the fireplace: Can you think of anything more cozy and charming than one of our cowhide rugs spread out on the floor in front of a crackling fire? We can’t, either! The only way to up the rustic charm might be to add a snoozing cat or dog, and if you share a home with either or both of those, this is about to be their new favorite spot
  • At the foot or side of the bed: Shouldn’t the first thing your feet feel every morning be as soft and warm as possible? You’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed when you treat your feet to a soft sheepskin rug 
  • As a backdrop for photos: Looking for a positively posh background for special occasion photos, or even pictures of items you’ll be selling online? Our sheepskin rugs are an affordable indulgence that look as elegant as they feel!