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Cooking is fun, but sometimes ingredients sneak out of saucepans. Aprons keep spills and splashes away from your clothes, so there’s no need to wait to change into your party attire until after cooking. IKEA has a wide range of affordable aprons, including cooking aprons with pockets and helpful utility loops that can keep you from misplacing measuring spoons or tongs while in the kitchen. Even find a matching kids apron for one stylish option in chef’s aprons.

Keep yourself clean with a stylish apron

Cooking for family dinners, the holidays or fancy dinner parties doesn’t have to be a messy affair. Step outside to tend the barbecue grill with confidence that you won’t be saucing the ribs and your slacks. Get through dinner prep with sesame oil in just your cold buckwheat noodles and not on your shirt. Stir the Sunday spaghetti sauce without wearing it on your Sunday best.

Look your best while hosting guests and cooking with affordable aprons and waist aprons from IKEA that protect your clothes while helping you express your sense of style.

Enhance the cozy, warm effect of a home cooked meal with rustic fabrics at home in any Scandi modern kitchen. Enjoy the look of breathable cooking aprons in lightweight 100% cotton, blends that combine the shine and firmness of linen with the softness of cotton, 100% polyester or polyester and cotton blends.

Choose a kitchen apron with red and black striping on white cotton that evokes traditional dress—particularly with the purple ties and head loop. 100% cotton ties and/or head loops offer complementary and contrasting color schemes for all IKEA cooking aprons. In a green patterned apron, the white cotton head loop and ties match the white illustrative stitching of turnips and beets that dance on the front. Several aprons feature an adjustable headband, such as a cotton & linen blend kitchen apron featuring a gray background holding beige stripes.

Find a blue-green waist apron with a central pocket that fans outwards as it drops to recall 50’s era skirts swaying at a dance party—particularly with smart yellow ties and a yellow loop for holding tongs and other utensils.

Choose breathable 100% decorative polyester kitchen aprons with an adjustable headband and water repellant white surface dancing with fun, quick line drawings of utensils and cooking ware, some of which are highlighted in pastel green. The same pattern, which looks fit for a fun Hawaiian shirt or pajamas, can be found on IKEA kitchen towels as with other IKEA aprons.

Look stylish while hosting your next dinner party in a beige waist apron enlivened with green floral illustrations that evoke traditional embroidery. The dark green 100% cotton ties and front pocket help evoke the sense of dresses in traditional Scandinavian décor style.

Protect your favorite sous chef with kids aprons 

Don’t forget the little ones when it’s time to cook. Besides keeping their clothes clean, suiting up properly in the kitchen is the first step in teaching kids about proper preparation and being careful when handling ingredients.

And kids cooking aprons also signal how you can be stylish even when cooking. That’s easy for the whole family since the MARIATHERES children’s apron playfully mirrors the apron for adults in the same series. The kids baking apron has central gray stripes on a beige background with black ties and adjustable neck closing that opens immediately if the child gets entrapped. Mom and dad can wear the same color pattern in reverse with the full size MARIATHERES apron from IKEA.

Frequently asked questions about aprons

How do you tie an apron?

Pull the apron close by pulling the ties back on either side. Loop each end behind you and tie in the front.

How do you wear an apron?

Full cooking aprons rest around your neck with a head loop. Waist aprons cover you from the belt down. Both types of chef aprons have ties that are pulled behind you to loop around and be tied in the front.

Why do we wear aprons in the kitchen?

Cooking aprons are meant to protect your clothes while prepping and cooking dinner. With smart fabric and fabric blends, decorative patterns and complementary color schemes, pockets and loops for holding utensils, IKEA aprons help you stay stylish and comfortable while cooking for any size party.