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Pot holders & oven mitts

Handling hot dishes and pans requires protection. Oven mitts and pot holders ensure you won't burn your hands or drop that casserole you put so much time into. You can wash our fabric potholders in your washing machine and our silicone oven mitts in your dishwasher.

Cook in style, with heat resistant oven mitts and pot holders

Choose gray oven gloves with square patterns thanks to smart cross-stitching. Rest assured when reaching into the oven thanks to an insulating inner player of polyester underneath the 100% cotton exterior. You can even find pot holders in the same series (RINNIG) that have the same look as well as a quilted middle layer of polyester to protect you from the heat.

That exterior/interior balance is also seen in gray oven mitts with white cross-stitching. A 60/40 blend of cotton and linen helps protect hands. As with IKEA oven gloves, these oven mitts have cloth hanging loops to keep them neatly stored on kitchen racks. They also have matching pot holders set in the same series (MARIATHERES).

Protect hands with oven gloves in light blue with a yellow insulating interior layer. Or go with oven mitts in red with white floral designs or in blue with white and red striping by the sleeves. Both cotton oven mitts feature protective interiors made of polyester and have matching pot holders in the same series. You can also complete a series with an insulating blue silicone rubber oven mitt and a corresponding blue silicone pot holder. Use heat resistant oven gloves to take dishes from the oven before setting them on pot holders on kitchen or dining room tables. Or use a pot holder set to take hot pans or roasting trays from the oven.

Frequently asked questions about oven mitts and pot holders

Are silicone oven mitts better?

Silicone oven mitts are a great option given how they are heat resistant, provide great grip and are dishwasher safe.

What is the purpose of oven mitts?

To protect your hands and give you a sure grip when taking roasting pans or sauté pans from the oven.

Are oven mitts and pot holders the same thing?

Pot holders are squares of fabric used to protect hands while grabbing hot dishes or pans. Find IKEA pot holders with an interior insulating layer and exterior layer of cotton like IKEA oven mitts and oven gloves. Pot holders also have cloth loops to hang them from kitchen racks.