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Bar stools & chairs

Enjoy the view from up high on a bar stool. Whether you want to start the day in comfy breakfast bar stools or end the night with tall drinks on sleek bar stools, we have ones to suit your style. Our designs vary with backrests, footrests, space-saving foldability and height-specific adjustability.

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More optionsBERGMUND Bar stool with backrest 24 3/8 "

BERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, black/Kolboda beige/dark gray, 24 3/8 "BERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, white/Rommele dark blue/white, 24 3/8 "BERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, black/Rommele dark blue/white, 29 1/2 "

More optionsSTIG Bar stool with backrest 24 3/4 "

STIG Bar stool with backrest, black/black, 29 1/8 "

More optionsINGOLF Bar stool with backrest 24 3/4 "

INGOLF Bar stool with backrest, brown-black/Nolhaga gray-beige, 29 1/2 "INGOLF Bar stool with backrest, brown-black/Nolhaga gray-beige, 25 5/8 "INGOLF Bar stool with backrest, brown-black, 24 3/4 "

More optionsNORDVIKEN Bar stool with backrest 24 3/8 "

NORDVIKEN Bar stool with backrest, black, 29 1/2 "NORDVIKEN Bar stool with backrest, white, 24 3/8 "

More optionsFRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable 24 3/4 "

FRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable, white/white, 24 3/4 "

More optionsEKEDALEN Bar stool with backrest 24 3/8 "

EKEDALEN Bar stool with backrest, dark brown/Orrsta light gray, 24 3/8 "

More optionsHANSOLLE Bar stool 26 "

HANSOLLE Bar stool, black-brown, 30 3/8 "

More optionsBERGMUND Bar stool with backrest 24 3/8 "

BERGMUND Bar stool with backrest, black/Glose black, 29 1/2 "
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Bar stools

Pull up a seat and let bar stools be a great addition to your kitchen or dining room. They create a comfortable, casual mood while offering a different feel from seating around normal dining room or kitchen tables. Bar stool chairs are great for sipping your coffee while reading the newspaper or eating breakfast at your kitchen island or prep table. Enjoy a seat at your built-in-bar in your den or basement while showing off your cocktail skills for friends or family. Hover over sideboards, counters or high tables with bar stools that offer a great, modern way to update any space. While they can help you maximize space by offering smart functionality in smaller apartments, they can reconfigure how you enjoy any size space. Dive into homework or arts and crafts with the little ones or go to work on that thousand piece puzzle that you’ll definitely finish faster with the help of these comfy chairs.

Choose the right bar stool

Make sure the bar stools you choose for your kitchen island, bar tables or the site of your Friday poker game measure up. That is, measure the height of your table or counter and know where your ideal position is when seated while sipping your morning coffee, doing some work on a laptop or fleecing all comers in Texas Hold ‘Em—“sorry grandma, that’s my broach now.” Pro tip: Subtract just under a foot from the height of the underside of your table or counter to find the ideal height for your bar stool.

Don’t just measure for height though. Know your space and get ready to feng shui the right way with smart design features that allow you to maximize space. Choose stackable bar chairs or bar stools that are adjustable in height, as well as an array of other options that are designed to sit under counters or slide flush against tables when not in use.

Then there’s style to consider. Get ready to express yours with kitchen counter height chairs and bar stool chairs that range from a rustic farmhouse white that matches everything from kitchen to bedroom furniture, to stunning modern contemporary pieces with artful scooped seats that combine stainless steel and powdered coated steel. There’s the timeless look of comfy bar stools cushioned with a plush, white cotton polyester blend over a curved back sitting over solid wooden legs made from sustainable—and attractive—dark eucalyptus.  Or go with the industrial metal look of stackable black bar stools that will allow you to cozy up to breakfast in style.

Of course with smart IKEA design, form matches function. Stacking bar stools or sliding them under tables isn’t the only way to save space. Select foldable chairs that will get out of your way like your friend Steve after losing big—just $40—at poker. And it’s easier for everyone—even the kids—to pull up a seat with several options in bar stools featuring adjustable height. Throw in other features like padded footrests, the ability to swivel towards the person next to you, curved and cushioned seatbacks and cradling scooped seats, and you’ll see why anyone can pull up to and stay at any bar table or kitchen island for a good long time. 

Looking for more ways to wow guests? Find dining room cabinets and cupboards that can stylishly store and display everything you need to make and serve amazing drinks. 

Frequently asked questions about bar stools

How tall are bar stools?

While bar stool height depends on the table or counter you’re pulling up to, consider that kitchen counters and counter-height tables generally range from 34-36” from the floor. Accordingly, look for seats 23-26” in height. For high tables or counters between 39-42”—otherwise known as “bar height”—go with a seat height of 28-30”.

How should you measure bar stools?

 Measure your barstool from the top of the seat down to the floor.

How much space should you have between bar stools?

You should leave enough space between bar stools for comfortable movement between anyone seated at a counter or table. Think of being out at a crowded bar. Bar stools need to be spaced justenough apart for anyone to get up and retake their seat comfortably.