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Bar tables

Perfect for serving as a buffet table or a place to make cocktails for friends, bar tables make great spots to knock back your morning coffee or to have dinner with the family.  With a range of sizes and styles, you can find something that suits your taste and space, at a price that fits your budget.

Pull up a chair to a bar table that fits any gathering or occasion

From tall and wide, to snug and cozy, find bar tables fit for everything from enjoying breakfast alone to having dinner with friends. With options ranging from smaller square or circular bar tops for 2-4 people, to taller and wider pub tables fit for up to 4 guests, it’s easy to find a centerpiece or nice addition fit for any home or apartment. Choose bar tables with a relaxed feel that’s great for causal conversation while standing with drinks, as well as dining or working on a project while seated. The sleek, modern design on display also makes for a great fit for cafes and restaurants or the office. And with tabletops finished with either an oak or ash veneer, laminate coating, or acrylic paint or lacquer, cleanups are a cinch with surfaces resistant to liquids, food stains, oil, heat, scratches and bumps.

Enjoy bar tables that set a high bar for eye-pleasing design work

Enjoy the beautiful expression of wood with taller, more spacious options in bar tables with smart features seamlessly integrated into their design. EKEDALEN pub tables, available in light brown, dark mahogany and white feature a cushy footrest beam.  Store flatware, wine openers and cards in a drawer underneath the NORDVIKEN (black or white) bar table and conveniently hang your coat, hat or bag on smartly placed side hooks. The TOMMYARD bar tables features side hooks as well, in addition to adjustable feet that can make you stop stressing over uneven floors.  A durable edge band protects against bumps, scratches and cracks caused by chairs being moved around or hung on the table. Featuring a particleboard, oak veneer top supported by powder-coated steel legs, this bar table comes in all white or black, with an additional option showcasing a beige top supported by white table legs.  Need a four-seater for a smaller space? The FANBYN offers a beautiful aesthetic that is achieved through the visual harmony of a clean, smooth-looking white tabletop supported by hardy, rustic eucalyptus wood legs. A similar balance is struck between the cradling white eggshell chairs with eucalyptus bottoms that complete this bar table set. While other bar tables have their own matching bar stools, you can mix and match as you like.

For tighter spaces—perhaps off in the corner or adjacent to a kitchen counter—there’s the sleek, modern curves of the circular DOCKSTA pub table. Seating up to four, its soft edges give a relaxed impression in any room. Even easier to squeeze into tight spaces or pull up to a couch is the STENSELE bar table. Available in black with a square or circular tabletop, this sturdy yet lightweight option is easy to relocate thanks to an aluminum base and hollow steel legs supporting a laminated particleboard top. Integrated feet prevent scratches and can be adjusted to fit uneven floors.  Hang a purse or hat on the hooks underneath.  Want a wee cozy bar table perfect for writing at in between staring out the window at squirrels? Well then, the NORRÅKER is great for writers and cats alike. The drawer and two hooks on the side are great for storing writing pads, pens and shoulder bags just as they are for tucking away catnip and the shoelaces that Lord Muffington The 4th prefers over every other toy you buy him. The light beige expression of wood will be as soothing as the cushy footrest at your feet as you huddle up with a friend to share cat videos over coffee.

While several options in bar tables are designed with feet to prevent scratching, you can get added protection with FIXA non-stick floor protectors. Take the worry out of rooms with precious hardwood or otherwise delicate flooring with self-adhesive and durable felt anti-scratch pads that make moving furniture a breeze.