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Scandinavian bohemian: design style & decor

The Scandinavian bohemian interior design style brings together the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design with the natural vibes and free-spiritedness of bohemian style. These two styles have more similarities than differences, as well as a shared timeless quality, which is why they can be easily mashed up to create a playful, stylish and unique space using affordable home accessories. Scandi boho’s perfect combinations of clean lines and eclecticism, offer a fun and accessible way to bring an organized but cozy feeling to any home.

What is Scandinavian boho?

Scandi boho is an eclectic mix of old and new, modern and traditional, with a unique connection to nature through layered and organic materials. Creating this cozy, chic and colorful feel in any room is easy with budget-friendly Scandinavian bohemian style décor and home accessories! Think neutral colors, uncluttered spaces, simple patterns, natural textures, layered textiles, organic materials and beautiful green plants.

Scandinavian bohemian interior design ideas for your home

The Scandi boho style is very accessible and can be easily achieved in your home. Just remember to blend eclectic, simple and functional furnishings in a comfy, cozy way that works for your space. 

White walls, furniture with clean lines and organized spaces are the best way to create a canvas for the rest of your Scandi boho décor.

Style your home with a mix of touchable textures and rich patterns, like bold flowers and graphic Scandinavian motifs, to create depth and capture the eye. It’s a great interior design style for plant lovers, as it's encouraged to fill your home with natural greenery to create a warm and inviting feel across your space. As a rule of thumb, always focus on natural, organic materials and aim for a multilayered, but uncluttered, look. 

Combinations of animal-hide, flatwoven, fringed, embroidered rugs can be used to anchor shared spaces, like living rooms and dining rooms. Draping shaggy sheepskins and faux fur blankets over chairs, benches and beds add playfulness, character and softness.​ 

Choose window treatments that allow as much daylight as possible, like semi-sheer curtains, as well as unlined, natural-woven and matchstick treatments that provide privacy while allowing ample light to filter through.