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How to furnish My First Home

Home. The start of a new chapter in the book of life. The beginning of new memories and adventures. 

That's why we want to be with you in every step of the way, and share our furnishing tips - cumulated with 80 years of experience. Go ahead, turn the key and step into your first home.

Preparing to celebrate the festive season? Take a few tips from us at IKEA to create more memorable time and joy in your living room, kitchen and dining room.

Bookmark this page "My First Home" for periodic updates! 

My First Home
Christmas tree decoration with tape on wall with baubles and gifts wrapped in VINTERFINT gift wrap paper on floor below the tree

Make Christmas merrier

Why not add nordic magic to your living room? Call upon twinkling festive lights and decors, inspired by Scandinavian roots! Find new additions to the VINTERFINT seasonal collection and STRÅLA lights. 

Shop for Christmas now!

Get more inspirations

Need more ideas while planning for your new home? See photos of IKEA products from real homes around Singapore and Southeast Asia, discover IKEA in real homes shared by the community.

The Living Room - unwind and gather

Create a cosy haven in the heart of your home to make wonderful memories - from games and cuddles, to witnessing a baby's first step... and so much more!

Shop the look: Simple and natural scandinavian style

The key is to keep the room light and airy. Use basic clean colours and natural finishes on furniture. Be smart with storage solutions, and decorate with some textured curtains. When sunlight filters in, you know you've achieved the uncluttered beauty of the Scandinavian style.

Choosing the right sofa for your living room

Combination - chaise lounge, footstool or separate armchair?
Each brings something different to the room: a comfortable resting area after a long day with hidden clutter, an extra seating space or a chair to hog and call your own. 

Size - planning and measurements
As you plan, consider your living room space and how many people will be sitting on the sofa everyday. And dont forget to factor in the coffee table! Ensure everyone has comfortable walking space.

Material - what's your preference?
Choose from fabric or leather-coated materials; the durability and care level of the materials vary. Leather-coated sofas are naturally durable and easy to clean, and most fabric sofas allow for removal and cleaning of covers.

Sit back and relax

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, and it’s all about personal comfort. With a sofa and armchair, everyone in the family can get comfortable. We have all sorts of cosy sofa suites to choose from, so you can find a seating solution to sink into that matches a look you love, too.

More sustainable and renewable

Cotton is one of the world's most appreciated and used natural fibres. Textiles in cotton are soft, hardwearing and can be washed at high temperatures. They are also good at breathing and absorbing moisture – making them pleasant to wear close to the body. Today at IKEA, we use more and more recycled cotton. We also strive to make sure that all the new cotton we use has been grown and produced with less and less amounts of pesticides, fertilisers and water.

Read more on sustainable materials
KIVIK sofa in beige being removed from covers
Read more on sustainable materials

Uncover the secret to smart storage spaces in many IKEA products

Storage tables in the living room provide more storage space for items such as toys, cushions, magazines and more.
Storage sofa-beds provide hidden storage spaces which can be handy for hiding things you don't need often - like your travel clothes.
BESTÅ storage system used as TV bench with display above and lighting

We've got the BESTÅ solution

For storage, organisation or display, discover the BESTÅ fix with customisable colours, doors, handles and compartments. House your gaming consoles and display other beloved items with lighting to complement your furniture.

Find out more

Picking a perfect rug

Investing in a rug for your living room? It's a really fantastic interior detail. It adds style and expressions, makes a room more cosy and snug, and also dampens sound while protecting the floor.

When choosing the size of the rug, a good rule of thumb is that it should be longer than the sofa. It gives an airy impression and frames the space well. 

Keep in mind that two smaller rugs can function as a larger one if next to each other! 

A quick guide to some common combinations:

Worried about caring for your rug? 

Vacuuming - Regular vacuuming (both sides) is good for the rug (Use the flat nozzle at low power), and if the rug has piles, finish by vacuuming in the direction that the piles lie.

Stains?  - Scrape dry stains gently toward the centre of the stain. Wet stains should be soaked up with paper towels quickly. 

Anti-slip underlay  STOPP risks of tripping or slipping. The anti-slip protects both the floor and the rug! 

Breathe cleaner air

STARKVIND air purifiers help filter the air from dust, pollen and other airborne allergens. They also clean the air in rooms up to 20 metres square in size.

Experience IKEA Home Smart
Experience IKEA Home Smart

Clever design details

STARKVIND air purifiers are designed for modern living with details to suit your life and home. For example, both models feature clever solutions for storing and hiding power cables.

Choose the setting you prefer

Choose the setting that suits you or set it to auto mode so that it adjusts the fan speed based on the particles (PM2.5*) detected by its built-in air quality sensor.

*PM2.5 are small inhalable particles, that measure 0.1-2.5 micrometers.

Using light to support different activities

Mood lighting softens the contrast between general and task lighting to create a cosy intimate setting. 

LAUTERS floor lamp in living room setting next to LANDSKRONA sofa set against orange wall with paintings on wall.

General lighting provides uniform light throughout a living space - makes up the "base" amount of light in a room. 

FLUGBO chandelier in living room with sofa and KRAGSTA coffee table infront on top of rug in blue grey living room.

Task lighting provides a concentrated beam of light over a limited area in order to enable specific tasks such as reading. 

NYMÅNE floor reading lamp behind söderhamn sofa set chaise lounge with multiple cushions in colourful cushion covers and throw on sofa.

The Kitchen - any style for everyone

Masterchef or not, the kitchen is the place to go for sustenance and sweet treats. A well-planned cooking space needs to be thought-out, in addition to the cooking utilities and furnishings there’s the room itself. Consideration needs to be given to the materials of the surfaces, such as floor, walls and countertops. The kitchen has a great effect on how people live, so make sure space is planned well.​

Find everything for your kitchen
Find everything for your kitchen

Preparing the space

Space is important to all actions around the activity of cooking, with preparing the food, eating, socialising and multi-tasking going on in the same area.

So clever use of space is vital, making the best of utilities, worktops, sinks and floor area, and with a thought to how many people will be cooking together.

In a double-sided kitchen or island kitchen with 60 cm deep cabinets, a minimum of 120 cm is required between two kitchen counters. This distance lets two people to work comfortably without getting in each other’s way.
The utility surface on either side of the cooking unit should be at least 40 cm, so hot pots can be put down quickly, preveting hot messes. On one side, the utility surface can be both a working space and an unloading space.
A comfortable average working height for most people is 85-95 cm, depending on the height of the individual. A lower counter height of about 75 cm is suitable for certain tasks, such as kneading dough.
An oven or microwave can be placed a maximum of 70 cm above the floor, a comfortable working height for adults and out of reach of small children. A utility surface next to the oven is needed to quickly unload hot items.
A practical distance between the countertop and the lower edge of wall cabinets is a minimum of 50 cm. If lower, they block the view of the workspace. Placing 5-10 cm higher allows a better view.
METOD kitchen in parallel kitchen system space

A kitchen that's custom tailored for you

With the METOD system you have endless possibilities when designing your kitchen. Whether you have a taste for the traditional, love the minimalism in modern style or land somewhere in between, you’ll surely find something that fits you.

Discover METOD kitchens

L-shaped? Cube shaped?

No problem at all with customisable modules and frames. Utilise every space of your kitchen space with no worries on layout.  

Appliances for your kitchen?

Check! Customise your kitchen cabinets to fit your appliances and create more space for food preparation.

Style worries?

Be spoilt for choice with our wide variety of doors and tabletops.

Tapping into ways to save water

Take some pressure off. Like all our kitchen taps, DELSJÖN is fitted with an aerator which reduces water consumption without any loss in flow. This means you can lower your water usage and your bills, and relieve some of the pressure on our planet’s water reserves.

Read more
DELSJÖN Kitchen mixer tap, pewter effect in kitchen being used for washing of vegetables at sink.
Read more

What is a kitchen island and why do you need one?

Kitchen islands are increasingly common in homes. Besides providing more counter space for appliances, the space allows for many activities. Get to socialising, eating, snacking and preparing food at the same time!

The design brief was functional, economical and practical. Planning it from scratch with Hwee Ling was a breeze as she understood what we wanted. The execution and installation were efficient

Michael LauCustomer of IKEA Tampines

IKEA has good kitchen style options with clean finishes. The overall buying experience with the assistance of kitchen planner is excellent.

John SeowCustomer of IKEA Alexandra

IKEA has the quality and price that we think is best and reasonable. We also love the installation workmanship of the kitchen cabinets. The results were magnificent.

Fitri JulianaCustomer of IKEA Jurong

VINTERFINT pot holders with baking tray of gingerbread cookies on kitchen counter top

More homemade food and bakes this Christmas!

Gear up your kitchen for the festive season! You can also prepare your fresh bakes in our baking cups, paper napkins, trays and more from the seasonal VINTERFINT collection.

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The Dining Room - a rustic modern look

Opt for darker tones of black and brown to create a modern and rustic feel in your home. Complemented with the right lighting, both colours provide a cosy warmness that fills the home - just like hot chocolate. 

EKEDALEN extendable table in white with dishes and AGAM chairs around it

Take time to eat together

Live to eat or eat to live? Either way, there's no better way to invest in quality time together than to spend it over good food. Big or small, dining tables provide a special place for mealtimes. 

Food for thought: When eating at a dining table, you pay more attention to what you are eating and the activity of eating.   

Shop dining table sets

Eating in or "dabao" taking out?

With IKEA 365+ glass food containers with lids, we help you to minimise wastes at home and contribute to enabling a more sustainable life. Made of glass, the containers do not absorb odours or discolours from flavourful dishes like tomato sauce and curry chicken. So you'll find the food container easy to clean. The snap-and-lock lid prevents leakage and protects the contents from frost damage, making it ideal for both transporting food and storing leftovers.

Read more on eating sustainably
Read more on eating sustainably

The Bedroom - rest and rejuvenate

Sink into your bed and feel the worries of the day float away. With our 10-year guarantee on most mattresses, we are sure to give you all the support you need throughout the night. 

Achieve a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with dark coloured furniture sets and coloured walls, and get bed linen and curtains to match the mood! 

Maximise your storage space 

Customise the outsides and insides of your fitted wardrobe for all the storage you need with the PAX system. With unlimited possibilities for size, design and interior fittings, find everything you need to build your very own complete wardrobe. 

Did you know that you can plan your own PAX wardrobe from the comfort of your home?

    Children's room - play and explore

    Our children have lots of work to do - like exploring the world and developing themselves. At IKEA, each product goes through a long process of testing to ensure that we can provide the equipment and environment for them to be safe. Find out more about Child Safety at IKEA.

    Play time with IKEA

    Children need room for play, and good storage for toys. Find safety and storage in TROFAST - a series of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes that your child can easily slide out, carry and put back again.

    The Study Room - boost productivity

    Create a conducive atmosphere for study or work at home. Let's start with the basics: have sufficient space for your equipment, have a comfortable chair to protect your body ergonomically, and have lighting protect your eyes. 

    Our study room solutions help you set a designated space with limited distractions, and keep a clean desk. Now you can focus on the tasks at hand and boost your productivity. 

    Why we love the SKÅDIS pegboard

    Craft storage? Makeup organisation? Kitchen utensils? Gardening? Display of photos? Entrance key holder? Kitchen recipe board? 
    All of the above and more!

    To say the SKADIS pegboard is versatile would be an understatement. Expand your creativity today with the pegboard and many supporting accessories!

    Garden and Balcony - grow and nurture

    Have a small space in your home to grow some greens? Caring for plants works on a multisensory level and is a win-win situation which can be very self-rewarding. Did you know that just a few plants in the home can be enough to see a calming reaction in people? It has even been shown that artificial plants can have many of the same effects as live ones.

    Read more on the benefits of plants
    Read more on the benefits of plants

    Growing plants indoor made easier

    Did you know that if you take good care of your house plants, they’ll take care of you too? Aside from making homes look pleasant, science says they boost well-being, reduce stress and help with creativity.

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