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How to furnish My First Home

Home. The start of a new chapter in the book of life. The beginning of new memories and adventures. 

That's why we want to be with you in every step of the way, and share our furnishing tips - cumulated with 80 years of experience. Go ahead, turn the key and step into your first home.

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 The "My First Home" icon, which consists of two parts: an outlined key placed on the outlined silhouette of a house, and the text "My First Home" placed on the right of the graphics.

Get more inspirations

Are you a first-time homeowner/home buyer? Need more ideas while planning for your new home? See photos of IKEA products from real homes around Singapore and Southeast Asia, discover IKEA in real homes shared by the community.

IKEA packaging boxes in various sizes and SAMLA transparent boxes stacked atop one another in the corner of a room, beside a window with two plants on the windowsill.

New home package: Get $300 IKEA vouchers and free delivery

Moving into a new home, renting a new space, or renovating your home? Get a $300 IKEA voucher for every $2,000 spent on Home furnishing products (except METOD kitchen, appliances and gift cards) and one-time free delivery when you shop in-store. Exclusively for IKEA Family members.

This package is only applicable for home addresses located in Singapore and is valid until 30 April 2024. Terms and conditions apply. 

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The Living room - a cosy space for hobbies and gatherings

Create a stylish haven in the heart of your first home to make wonderful memories - from games and cuddles, to witnessing a baby's first step... and so much more! The heart of your home, the living room resonates with your personality and style! 

Two white IKEA PS TV benches in living room area with a smart television on top next to other electronic devices. Photo by instagrammer @rumahsyukoqila for IKEA in real homes
White KALLAX cube storage shelf in living room with decorative items plaed on top and lots of books neatly colour coded and arranged on the shelves. Photo by instagrammer for IKEA in real homes
FRÖSET armchair in birch in the corner of a living room with a ULLERSLEV sheepskin rug on top of it. Several frames decorate the wall above the arm chair. Photo by instagrammer @matsudesignsg for IKEA in real homes
Corner of living room with a white MALM chest of 4 drawers with a round LINDBYN mirror hanging above it on the wall. Next to the chest of drawers is a stool with a plant in a pot. Photo by instagrammer @rumasafinaqi for IKEA in real homes
Living room with a grey LANDSKRONA sofa chair with several cushions on top, next to a rrow of BILLY bookcases displaying decorative items and plants. Photo by instagrammer @matsudesignsg for IKEA in real homes

Coffee tables that work hard to please

These tables aren't just for your cup of coffee. With extra (hidden) storage delights, It's easy to stow away extra tidbits, toys and more! 


Sit back and relax

Your first home is a special place where memories are made. Start it off nice with a comfortable L-shaped sofa and armchair from our cosy sofa suites. With a wide variety of styles, you can find a look that matches your unique taste. Make your first home a place to relax and be comfortable.

The Dining room - enjoying delicious memories together

Keep the dining room fuss-free and minimal for a calming and zen appearance. Mix and match dining chairs to personalise the look of your dining space, then top off the dining table with a gorgeous centerpiece, some elegant dinnerware and scrumptious food!

Dining room with INGATORP white dining table surrounded with four black NORRARYD dining chairs and two junior DETOLF high chairs. a white pot with flowers is placed in the centre of the dining table. Photo by instagrammer @rumahabbasyaufa for IKEA in real homes
Natural fibre hyacinth SOARÉ placemat on a dining table with an OTFAST bowl of strawberries and KEJSERLIG multicoloured bowls with other snacks on top.  Photo by instagrammer @myprettyhomestories for IKEA in real homes
LISABO dining table and LISABO and VOXLOV dining chairs around the table in a simple dining room with a small vase of flowers in the middle of the dining table. Photo by instagrammer @atree.littlenest for IKEA in real homes
White STENARED with stone effect quartz table top and bamboo legs in a dining room with NOMARYD dining chairs.  Photo by instagrammer @aisyika for IKEA in real homes
Delicious breakfast featuring scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and two slices of toast on an OTFAST white plate next to a glass of coffee and iced water. Photo by instagrammer @haus.of5ive for IKEA in real homes

Space tips for your dining area

Eating together is a great way to have meaningful interaction with family and friends! Being familiar with some standard space requirements helps to plan comfortable eating spaces.

The more the merrier, need more space for friends and famiy? Find flexibility in the number of friends and family you invite over for meals and get-togethers, with extendable tables, drop-leaf tables and tables that double up for parties. 

A minimum of 80 cm is recommended between a dining table and a wall or cabinet. This allows enough space for people to easily walk by or move their chairs in and out.
At a dining table, each adult requires a minimum space of 60 cm to eat comfortably.

The Kitchen - custom tailored for you

With a wide variety of kitchen organisers and our dream METOD kitchen system, you have endless possibilities when designing your kitchen. Whether you have a taste for the traditional, love the minimalism in modern style or land somewhere in between, you’ll surely find something that fits you.

Open top METOD kitchen cabinet with rows of VARIERA kitchen cabinet organiseres showing neatly labeled cooking items inside. Photo by instagrammer @farahramliee for IKEA in real homes
Black RASKOG trolley with snacks, food and condiments in KORKEN jars next to a kitchen counter. Photo by instagrammer @a.s.i.home for IKEA in real homes
METOD kitchen with BODARP green doors and a wood effect kitchen counter top. Photo by instagrammer @roomah165 for IKEA in real homes
NEREBY rail and hooks in a kitchen with white tiled walls showing cooking utensils in wood hanging from the hooks. Photo by instagrammer @rumaminis for IKEA in real homes
White METOD kitchen with top and bottom cabinets and a stove hob corner with utensils holders and other appliances in the corner. Photo by instagrammer @ataleofhome for IKEA in real homes

Spend $4,000 METOD kitchen and get free installation & delivery

Exclusive service offer for IKEA Family members.

See terms and conditions

Planning the kitchen flow

What are the main activities that will take place in your kitchen? Some of the main activities include cleaning and preparing food, storing food and supplies, and washing up.

Placing the different functions for these activities according to the workflow and with comfortable distances between them creates a safe and practical environment.

Need help with your kitchen planning? 

Meet a dedicated kitchen specialist for a free 45 mins consultation to walk you through the different options available to help you get started with your dream kitchen. Kitchen consultation service is available at IKEA Alexandra, IKEA Tampines, and IKEA Jurong. 

Placing main functions and appliances according to the natural workflow saves time in the kitchen. 

For a right-handed person, the components should be placed in the following order from left to right; dishwasher (or counter space for a dish drainer), sink, workspace, cooking unit, utility surface. Use the reverse order for a left-handed person.​​

The best positions for the sink, the cooking unit and the refrigerator are in the form of a triangle, called the working triangle.

For effective and convenient kitchen work, the distance between these functions should not be too great, and the path between them should not be obstructed.

IKEA METOD kitchen with IKEA customers and kitchen planner.

Creating Dream Kitchens for the many people

At IKEA, we understand that a kitchen renovation is not just about updating the physical space, but also about transforming the heart of your home into a place where memories are made and shared. 

 From small updates to complete remodels, each testimonial offers a unique glimpse into the incredible impact that a well-designed kitchen can have on one's daily life.

Read more customer reviews of IKEA kitchen

The Bedroom – decluttered for serenity and calm

Sink into your bed and feel the worries of the day float away. With our 10-year guarantee on most mattresses, we are sure to give you all the support you need throughout the night.  Did you know that de-cluttering your bedroom helps to create peace of mind, and allows you to sleep better?

MALM bedframe with two storage boxes in a white stained oak veneer with grey duvet covers and two pillows on top, next to a white stained oak veneer MALM chest of two drawers next to the bed as a bedside table, with a DEJSA lamp on top. Photo by instagrammer for IKEA in real homes
Bedroom closeup picture on side of TARVA bedframe next to a bamboo wood NORDKISA bedside table with single drawer. A clock and other accessories are also placed on top of the table. Photo by instagrammer @loveathome.bkk for IKEA in real homes.
Bedroom corner with white KLEPPSTAD wardrobe and MALM chest of 4 drawers, with several fabric boxes placed on top of the wardrobe.  Photo by instagrammer @rumah.sara for IKEA in real homes.
Bedroom corner with white MALM chest of 4 drawers and a KNAPPER standing mirror with a laundry basket. Some clothes are also hanging behind the KNAPPER mirror on the pole. Photo by instagrammer @threecatscozyhome for IKEA in real homes.
White HEMNES chest of drawers in the bedroom with decorative items and a table lamp placed on top. Several wall shelves with toy collectibles are also mounted on the wall above the drawers. Photo by instagrammer @little_sugar_home for IKEA in real homes.
PAX wardrobe with beige frame and beige FORSAND hinged doors in the bedroom with one compartment opened to reveal a pair of shoes on top of a SKUBB shoe box, a drawer pulled slightly ajar and shirts hanging from BUMERANG hangers from a clothes rail. Two SKUBB clothing storage boxes are also placed at the top of the PAX wardrobe.

Build your very own dream wardrobe with PAX

Customising and planning your dream wardrobe is a delight with the PAX wardrobe system, and easy as 1 2 3!

Find out more on how to plan and buy PAX wardrobes

Step 1: Choose your frames

Consider how much space you have available in your room. It´s important to know the maximum height and width of your new wardrobe. Remember, you can also make the most of unused space with corner units.

Step 2: Pick your style

What colour do you want your wardrobe to be? We offer a wide selection of doors in different colours.

Step 3: Choose interior organisers

Think through your day-to-day needs. Do you have a lot of shoes? Then a pull-out tray with shoe inserts could be a good option for you. 

Did you know that you can plan your own PAX wardrobe from the comfort of your home?

Our wide range of storage solutions offer great flexibility to suit your needs, whilst having the best quality that you can count on. Proof of this is the 10-year guarantee that come with our PAX wardrobes and interior organisers.

Children's room – a space to call their own

Our children grow up so quickly, and it is important to give them a space to grow and explore independently. Not only does this give them control over their own space, it also provides them a chance to become more responsible of their belongings. At IKEA, we believe that every child has the right to a safe home environment, and all our children's items meet the strictest safety requirements in the world.

Read more on child safety at IKEA
Child bedroom with SLAKT bed frame with white and simple children bedding in the corner of the child's bedroom with posters on the wall behind. Photo by instagrammer @yilinchoo for IKEA in real homes ©
White stained pine TROFAST storage cabinet with white TROFAST storage boxes for toys in the child's room, next to DUKTIG play kitchen with toy cookware on top. Photo by instagrammer @nimsee_casa for IKEA in real homes ©
Read more on child safety at IKEA

7 ways to organise kids bedroom storage

Having a place for everything definitely makes it easier to keep things tidy in your child’s room.

Good storage can also help make it fun for them to organise their toys and nick-nacks all by themselves – even more so if you let them decide where all their things should go.

The Study Room – a stylish space for work and fun

Productivity is crucial in the study room, and a great way to set up the right mood is by feeling comfortable in your own personal style. Who says a desk can’t be a means of self-expression? Find one that matches your style, or you can combine your own choice of tabletop, legs, cabinets and more.

Study room corner with a LILLÅSEN study table, RÅSKOG white trolley and SVENARUM open shelf with books and other decorative items neatly organised on top. A FORSA study desk lamp with ELLOVEN monitor stand is also placed on the table. Photo by instagrammer @theadjm for IKEA in real homes ©
LÅNGFJÄLL beige swivel office and study chair at a BEKANT sit/stand table with a LENNART drawer unit below. On the right of the table is a KALLAX open storage shelf with books, stationery and other items neatly organised on the shelves with TJENA storage boxes and more. Photo by instagrammer @stationery_pang for IKEA in real homes ©

Setting up a workspace with your wellbeing in mind

It is super important to have a place in the home where we can concentrate and feel comfortable. Whether you want to maximise space in a small office or make your desk space more efficient, we've got 3 simple tips to setup your workspace for success and better wellbeing.

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Step 1: Getting your posture right

The monitor should be tilted at 20 – 30 degree, which is an optimal angle for the eyes as well as the neck and shoulders. The top of your work surface should be elbow height and your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle when sitting or standing at your desk. 

Step 2: Selecting the right chair

Our swivel chairs come with features like armrests, height-adjustable seats, lumbar support and ergonomic designs that your body will love. The ideal chair height is when the hips and knees are at a 95-100 degree angle and the feet are flat on the floor.

Step 3:  Choose the right lighting for Workspace

When it comes to a work area, the matter of lighting plays an important role. Whether at your home office or your desk, the right lighting can aid in productivity, mood and alertness. Choose warm lights for relaxing, and look to cool lights for concentrating or working.  

Bathroom with yellow tiles showing a STORJORM mirror with lighting above a GODMORGON vanity cabinet with sink, next to a HORNAVAN bathroom trolley.

The Bathroom – answer nature's call 

Planning your bathroom space? Place bathroom fixtures so that they are convenient and comfortable to use. 

The bathroom is not only about functions but also about style, inspiration, relaxation and pleasure. Designing yours is a chance to infuse the space with personal style and create a sanctuary that reflects your unique needs and preferences.

Maximising space in the bathroom

There are plenty of smart ideas to help make the bathroom space more efficient, like clever use of mirrors, hanging personal care item on walls and using doors for storage.​​

Two RAGRUND bamboo shelving racks under a sink with various towels, items and organisers neatly placed on the racks.
Vanity cabinet below a sink with a drawer pulled open to reveal GODMORGON organisers storing various makeup and cosmetic items.

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