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Clothes Hangers

We think hangers are unsung heroes of storage, especially the humble over-door hanger. It makes use of often unused space, keeps clothes easily accessible and gets them off the floor. For door hangers, regular hangers, trouser hangers and ones that work indoors or out, you’re on the right page.

An over-door hanger helps you make use of unused space and keep your home neat and tidy. Over-door and wall hangers also come with many practical benefits. Use it to hang towels in the bathroom or dressing gowns in the bedroom. Hang kitchen towels and aprons in the kitchen or use it for rags and other cloth in the garage. A door hanger turns any room with a door into a storage opportunity. The door hanger doesn’t take up space, but it saves floor space and stores your things neatly and tidily without wrinkling.

Hide, display or put things right where you need them

With an over-door hanger, you can either hide, display or put your things right where you need them. Put your night clothes on the inside of your bedroom door for clever storage and easy access. Hang your chic towels and bathrobes in your bathroom to dry up. It’s an easy way to keep your room tidy but still having your clothes or other belongings easy to access.

Also, remember that your door hanger doesn’t necessarily have to be placed on top of a door. It can just as easily be mounted on a wall. So put your hooks and hangers where you need them the most.

Clothes hangers

Hangers, or coat hangers, offer the ultimate storage for clothes. Organise your wardrobe, closet or hallway. Easy to access, neatly arranged and wrinkle-free. Choose between thin plastic hangers to save space or solid wooden hangers that add some style and quality to your wardrobe.

Some of our hangers can be used both indoors and outdoors if you would like to hang your clothes out to air and dry them outside. For this, you need a sturdy hanger that won’t lose its colour.

We also have hangers for specific garments like skirts or trousers. In our wide selection, you can find all sorts of hangers for organizing your wardrobe. If our hangers don’t offer the solution you need, check our other over-door and wall-mounted hooks.