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Bathroom towels

Wrap yourself in stylish and luxurious comfort

Inspired by the tile patterns and textures from Turkish and Roman bath houses, the new yarn-dyed FJÄLLSTARR towel with jacquard woven patterns, playful fringes for a bohemian touch, and dual-sided colours bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

A person, wearing a beige robe, has a white/grey FJÄLLSTARR bath towel draped over the left shoulder.
A FJÄLLSTARR bath towel and hand towel hang from hooks on a beige wall. Five towels are stacked on a pink pedestal.

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More optionsFREDRIKSJÖN Bath towel 70x140 cm

FREDRIKSJÖN Hand towel, dark blue, 40x70 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Washcloth, dark blue, 30x30 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Washcloth, dark grey, 30x30 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Bath towel, dark grey, 70x140 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Bath towel, deep red, 70x140 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Hand towel, white, 40x70 cm

More optionsSALVIKEN Hand towel 40x70 cm

SALVIKEN Bath towel, anthracite, 70x140 cmSALVIKEN Washcloth, anthracite, 30x30 cmSALVIKEN Hand towel, white, 40x70 cmSALVIKEN Bath towel, white, 70x140 cmSALVIKEN Washcloth, white, 30x30 cm

More optionsVALLASÅN Hand towel 40x70 cm

VALLASÅN Washcloth, light grey/brown, 30x30 cmVALLASÅN Bath towel, light grey/brown, 70x140 cmVALLASÅN Washcloth, light green, 30x30 cmVALLASÅN Bath towel, light green, 70x140 cmVALLASÅN Hand towel, light green, 40x70 cm

More optionsÄNGSNEJLIKA Bath towel 70x140 cm

ÄNGSNEJLIKA Hand towel, grey/green, 40x70 cm
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