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How to eat more sustainably

Food choices matter. Plant-based foods and certified products from responsible sources are ways to make a difference. How about some home gardening? That’s less fresh food you need to buy.

A person sprinkles chopped green herbs on to HUVUDROLL plant balls in a IKEA 365+ frying pan on a hob.
A person sprinkles chopped green herbs on to HUVUDROLL plant balls in a IKEA 365+ frying pan on a hob.

Heavenly flavours from the soil

From veggie dogs to plant balls to vegan ice cream, there are various plant-based food alternatives in the IKEA range. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that food from the soil is heavenly tasty!

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A person in a white t-shirt holds a fork over a dish of HUVUDROLL plant balls, potatoes, sauce and fresh herbs.
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ASC-certified SJÖRAPPORT cured cold smoked salmon dressed with dill, chopped onion and sauce on a white plate next to a fork.

IKEA salmon is responsibly sourced, from farms certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).

A hand holds a coffee maker pouring coffee into a clear-glass IKEA 365+ mug on cork coaster, next to a plate of cookies.

Responsibility from plantation to cup

Rainforest Alliance certification contributes to the goal for all IKEA coffee to be grown and produced in a responsible way. Care and responsibility from the plantations to your coffee cup!

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Food from your home farm

If you buy your herbs from the supermarket and repot them in well-drained soil, then you won’t have to keep buying new herbs every time you make a meal – which is convenient, saves you money and reduces waste.

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A white RÅSKOG trolley, with plant pots, plants and balls of twine on the shelves, stands on the floor of a bright kitchen.
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IKEA co-worker - Estella

Discover ideas from our co-worker: Say no to food waste!

From simple habits in grocery runs to healthy, nutritious recipes - Estella Chai is passionate about reducing food wastage. Now, she and her sister prep meals in advance to avoid food wastage.

Be inspired by Estella's simple action plan!