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Plan your dream walk-in closet

Step into the dream walk-in closet using the PAX wardrobe series. With drawers, shelves, boxes and bins, there’s plenty of clothes storage for both him and her (but mostly her). So place a chair in your dressing room lounge. Read and relax, or just get inspired!

Collecting doesn’t have to mean chaos. These felt oragnisers make it easy to store and display what you love. The soft material also helps dampen sound.

There’s beauty in order. A drawer with clear glass gives you a quick view of what you have. It can also add a light, airy impression to your wardrobe.

See yourself from all angles. Pull out the mirror within the wardrobe and place a valet mirror on the other side. Now you have your own 360° mirror! (Did we mention there’s space to hang jewelry behind the pull-out mirror?)

A seat storage module is perfect for keeping cushions, throws...or hiding the new clothes you bought, but don’t want your partner to know about!

Get the best of both worlds. This valet mirror comes with dishes to store your accessories, as well as a pole behind it to hang your OOTD (outfit of the day).

A compact, simplistic table can be used as a dressing table to do your makeup. Fashion it with a mirror, good lighting, and voilà! Glass domes also help prolong the scent of perfumes.