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IKEA Family Terms and Conditions

The IKEA Family Program is subject to the following general conditions.

All individuals over 18 years old and residing in Portugal can be holders of the IKEA Family card. The card is free, personal and non-transferable.

In order to receive the benefits associated with the card, its holder must present it to IKEA coworkers whenever requested, in physical or digital format.

You can update all your data such as name, address, contact details and communication preferences by logging into your IKEA Family account at Alternatively, contact us through the available channels here.

The card is valid in all IKEA stores, including the online store in or IKEA app, and also in any other establishments in Portuguese territory that have joined the IKEA Family Program, according to the offers available.  

The card is valid for an indefinite period. However, it will be deactivated after 3 years without being used and all its data will be deleted.

IKEA also reserves the right to change these General Conditions and/or withdraw any and all associated offers at any time, and IKEA Family members are therefore recommended to regularly consult the applicable conditions.

What is the delivery and assembly warranty?

The benefit of the transport and assembly guarantee ensures that, if any unforeseen event occurs that damages the item during transport and assembly by the IKEA Family member, the customer has 14 days to go to an IKEA store located in Portugal and exchange it for an identical item. In the event of a stock outage, we will make a refund on an IKEA refund card.

What is the benefit of free hot drink?

The free hot drink benefit ensures that the IKEA Family member is entitled to tea, coffee or decaf whenever they present their IKEA Family card to a Restaurant or Bistro coworker. You can do this more than once in the same day. This hot drink will be for your own consumption, being a personal and non-transferable benefit, and may not be offered to third parties, even if they are IKEA Family members.

Rewards keys from IKEA Family

As an IKEA Family member, you can receive reward keys which you can convert into offers, e.g. rewards. The reward keys, or just “keys”, are represented by the Allen Key that IKEA customers will recognize as an essential tool for assembling our furniture.

To enjoy these rewards, you must have an IKEA Family card, physical or digital, active and issued in Portugal, with a Portuguese address and registered online on

How do I get reward keys?

You can receive reward keys on all your purchases, whether you buy products or services, online or in physical stores, and when you shop at our IKEA restaurants and the Swedish Food Market. The only purchase that does not give you the right to obtain reward keys is the purchase of a gift card.

You can also receive reward keys by interacting with IKEA weekly as follows:

  • Log into your IKEA Family account;
  • Save a 3D kitchen plan to your IKEA Family account;
  • Create a list of favorites in the online store or in the IKEA app, with IKEA Family log in;
  • Participate in an eligible IKEA Family event upon previous registration;
  • Attend a planning or interior design consultation, online or in-store.


Please note that you can only receive reward keys once a week, between Sunday and Saturday, for each type of interaction. For example, you can log in to your IKEA Family account several times in the same week, but you will only receive reward keys for the first login. At the beginning of each week, you can receive reward keys again for the same type of interaction.

In the case of planning a 3D kitchen online, the website can only identify and give you reward keys if you have accepted the respective cookies.

The detailed information regarding the exact number of reward keys that can be received for purchases and interactions is available in your IKEA Family account, through the IKEA website or app.

To receive reward keys for online purchases and interactions, at or IKEA app, you must be signed into your IKEA Family account, and for in-store purchases and interactions or remotely sales, you must identify yourself as an IKEA Family member, by presenting a physical or digital IKEA Family card, active and registered online. This identification is important as, for technical reasons, we are not able to assign reward keys to unidentified IKEA Family members at the time of purchase or interaction, who are inactive or whose profile is not registered on our website.

To find out if your card is active or registered, log in to our website or app and access your personal area. If you don't have your IKEA Family card registered or it's inactive, you'll need to make a new IKEA Family card to start collecting reward keys. Inactive IKEA Family cards are those that have not been used for more than 3 years.

Reward keys can take up to 48 hours to appear in your IKEA Family account after completing a purchase or interaction with IKEA tools and services. We remind you that any purchase will only be complete after you have received all the products you have purchased.

If you receive reward keys for a purchase, but later return the purchased items, the corresponding number of reward keys will be deducted from your IKEA Family account balance, which may result in a negative balance.

Reward keys are non-transferable and non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash. May only be used in rewards provided by the IKEA Family Program. Reward keys are valid for a period of 18 months after they have been accumulated (namely, the date of the interaction or purchase that determined the reward key award). After that date, the reward keys expire. But don't worry, we'll let you know before.

IKEA reserves the right to change the rewards available, the number of reward keys that are received for each purchase and for each interaction, as well as change the interactions and purchases that allow you to collect reward keys.

Any changes will be available for viewing in your IKEA Family account.

How can I use my reward keys?

Once you have received enough reward keys and they are registered in your IKEA Family account, which can take up to 48 hours, the rewards will automatically unlock so they can be chosen in your IKEA Family account. If you find a reward you like (and assuming you have enough reward keys) you can choose and select it. The number of reward keys required will be subtracted from your reward keys balance and you will receive an email with a code confirming your choice. After choosing and selecting the reward, it will not be possible to return it and receive the corresponding reward keys again.

You can use the code online, in the app, on the website, on store Cash & Carry purchases (when products are collected and transported by the customer himself) or in a remote purchase through our Customer Support Center. The code can only be used once and will expire if not used within 30 (thirty) days from the date it was issued. This means that the code expires from the moment it is used. A reward can only be used following these instructions.

What rewards can I have?

Below are some examples of rewards you can choose with your keys:

  • Offer or discount on a delivery (online or in a remote purchase only);
  • Offer on a full meal or cake and hot drink (in the store restaurant);
  • Vouchers for IKEA product purchases from 50€* (online, cash and carry and remote purchase).

*10€ product voucher for purchases from 50€ and 15€ product voucher for purchases from 75€, except for services, restaurant, bistro, gift card and buy back and resell articles.

Available rewards may be changed by IKEA at any time, which means that a particular reward may not be available at the time you wish to use it.

Available rewards and corresponding number of reward keys required, as well as instructions for selecting and choosing a reward are available in your IKEA Family account.

Once the reward keys have been used to select and choose a reward; they will no longer be available in your IKEA Family account.

If you decide to return an article you will receive the amount you paid for the product through the same payment method and will be reimbursed for the reward on an IKEA voucher. 

If you decide to cancel the purchase, the code will be reissued with the same expiration date as the previous voucher.

Reward keys cannot be used as partial payment for products or services, unless the purchase is made with the reward chosen with the respective reward keys.

Misuse prevention

IKEA reserves the right, without any prior notice, to cancel, delete or revoke the IKEA Family Card of any members who act in violation or abuse of its terms and conditions or who guiltily indicate incorrect, false or misleading information. Any illegal actions detected will be considered as violating these terms and conditions and imply the loss of any associated rights.

How will my personal data be used?

Your personal data will be used by IKEA PORTUGAL – MÓVEIS E DECORAÇÃO, LDA. within the scope of the IKEA Family program and in order to guarantee compliance with the obligations contained in these General Conditions. IKEA may periodically send information about promotional and other activities selected for you based on your customer profile if you give us express authorization to do so. Please consult our privacy policy available at for more information about the treatment of your personal data.

By providing your personal data, you guarantee that they are proper, true and up-to-date, being responsible to IKEA and any third parties for any damage that their falsehood or outdated information may cause.