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This summer, there’s no place like home

Finally it’s summer at IKEA. This year we can’t wait to just be at home, and take each day as it comes. Because, isn’t it true that it doesn’t take an eight-hour flight for the best night out, or a far-away spa for the best retreat?

So, whether rain or sunshine, we invite to the ultimate staycation; a summer that is all about slowing down and seizing the moment.

The best hotel breakfast – at home
Avoid long brunch lines and create a fresh hotel-style breakfast at home. Hang SOLVINDEN solar-powered pendant lamps from a branch. Decorate with neutral tones of the SOMMAR 2018 collection, including a natural beige tablecloth and grey mugs and bowls.
Stacks of pancakes, sizzling sunny-side up eggs and steamy cups of coffee. Isn’t it true that it doesn’t take a hotel for the best breakfast? The homemade kind means you decide the ingredients and the time spent.
Discover your spot in the sun
Be spontaneous and find your place in the sun! The turquoise RAMSÖ parasol and HÅMÖ sun lounger make it possible to kick back and relax wherever you are. Just fold it up and go… or stay as long as you want!
A fresh set of textiles, solar-driven lanterns and the few essentials to create memories made to last will do the trick for any spontaneous day adventure. Now all you have to do is let the wheels take you wherever your heart desires.
Backyard lounging with the best crowd
Gather friends for a backyard party to remember! Serve snacks on the MASTHOLMEN side table. Guests can sit comfortably on the outdoor SOLLERÖN 3-seat sofa. Add fun textiles like the TUVALIE throw with red stripes and bright yellow SOMMAR cushion covers.
Tune into your favourite summer playlist and invite your favourite people over for some outdoor lounging. There’s no better place than home to throw a party.
Invite the neighbours for a summer barbeque
Seasonal mindfulness by the window
No need for a balcony, simply open your windows to an outdoor retreat. Imagine ivy plants hanging from your IKEA plant pot holder, towering AINA curtains, an inviting bed with piles of pillows and VIGDIS covers, and sipping tea all day in your bath robe.
No balcony or backyard? Windows can be more than sufficient for inviting a breath of fresh air. Grab a spare mattress or a pile of pillows (or both!), some throws and a cup of comfort, and you’re well on your way to a summer retreat.
A cosy evening for two by the sea
Summer nights on top of the world
Grab a warm blanket for those chilly summer nights. The bright and colourful cotton SOMMAR 2018 fabric can be used as an outdoor picnic blanket, or use it indoors to add a splash of colour to your home décor. Add some mood lighting with the SINNESRO lantern for block candle, and you are set for a perfect evening.
Sometimes, a bit of altitude can lend to new perspectives. Change your view by hanging out on a rooftop this summer staycation. Go bananas with string light and candles to set the mood.

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