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Splashbacks & wall panels for METOD

Our kitchen splashbacks and wall panels are easy to clean and protect your wall organisers and METOD worktop while you cook on your induction hobs. We have many to choose from: glass, brass, stainless steel and more to help you add that extra bit of style.

There are two sides to this story

Deciding between terrazzo or marble effect? Why not get both and see which ones works best in your kitchen? The new LYSEKIL wall panel is double-sided, so you get both options for the price of one. Problem solved. What else? It’s easy to clean and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

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LYSEKIL double-sided wall panels, its terrazzo side showing, cover the wall behind a pot sitting ontop an induction hob.
LYSEKIL double-sided wall panels, with marble effect, on a wall behind a black sink and black DELSJÖN mixer tap.
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Laminate splashbacks for a perfectly coordinated look

Personalise your kitchen with our range of easy-to-wipe laminate splashbacks and wall panels that will keep their beauty over time.

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A LYSEKIL brass coloured wall panel behind a kitchen worktop with marble effect and a stainless-steel tea pot on a hob.
SIBBARP wall panel in white marble effect in a kitchen with fronts in white and birch, a tray with glasses and a carafe.
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