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Glassware & jugs

Whatever you’re drinking, we have the glassware and more to suit it. Our glasses, cups, and mugs give you a big choice of styles and patterns. And we have other essentials, like straws and ice cube makers, too. Our range will help you set the mood and make every occasion more personal and fun.

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Storage that doubles as decoration

Whenever you can, store kitchen accessories, dry goods and fresh produce out in the open or in clear-glass containers. Besides being more accessible that way, they add to a rustic, food-loving mood, and regular cooking inspiration, too.

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A kitchen corner with a sink, wall shelves, glass bowl and jars and plants on the windowsill.
Pink salt in a SÄLLSKAPLIG bowl made of patterned glass, its lid off, stands amid glass jars on a worktop.
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The bringer of beverages

Press fresh and healthy fruits or vegetables and pour the juice into a KORKEN bottle with stopper. That way you can preserve all the wonderful flavours for longer.

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Three KORKEN clear glass bottles with stopper filled with different amounts of orange juice beside a bowl of ginger.
The top part of two KORKEN clear glass bottles with stopper, one has the stopper off and one has the stopper on.
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