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Integrated lighting

Perched above your cabinets (or hidden underneath them), our integrated lighting solutions can help add atmosphere, functionality and style. Our LED strip lights, spotlights and cabinet lights are a brilliant way to complete the look of your room, and let see everything you need.

Illuminate your home with integrated lighting. Find out how.

Seeing your kitchen in a better light

Integrated lighting can help you find things inside your drawers and make preparing food easier and safer. Plus, you can use it to show off your favourite dinnerware and add to the atmosphere of your kitchen.

See all kitchen lighting
See all kitchen lighting
Four LADDA rechargeable batteries, HR6 AA with a battery capacity of 1900 mAh, lie beside each other on a yellow surface.

See how lighting inside a wardrobe or cabinet and rechargeable batteries can help you find things quicker.

Better light for your bathroom routines

Putting on make-up or shaving is a lot easier with good, glare-free light. The IKEA bathroom cabinet lighting range has lots of options that can go on top of your cabinets or on your wall.

See all bathroom cabinet lighting
See all bathroom cabinet lighting