More rest, less stress

Home is the most important place in the world, now more than ever. Let us help you find comfort at home with our range of mattresses, bedroom furniture, sofas & armchairs - and side tables for all your snacks! Don’t forget the important extras like throws, blankets and cushions to add extra layers of comfort and cosiness to your homes.

Make Home Count.


Idea of the week

Here’s a thought. If you live to be 90, that’s 32 years of sleep. So if you wake up a lot feeling drained or achy, why not make a change? We scoured our knowledge library and asked our interior designer Emma Parkinson for tips to guide you to better sleep—tonight.

Comfort essentials for your home

A staycation at home with the perfect bed!

Find your perfect mattress and have that hotel room feeling every night of the week. With a perfect mattress to suit you, and a beautiful bedframe, you'll never want to leave.

Your essentials in easy reach

Being comfortable means having a glass of water within easy reach, your book close to hand before bed and your glasses right by your side when you wake up. A side table is your beds best friend.

Layer up the linens

IKEA bed linens are made from sustainable materials that are chemical free, meaning they're good for your skin and good for the environment

Comfort essentials for your bedroom

Quilts and pillows for your bed, extra cushions to snuggle into and curtains to block out the sunshine. All you need for a little extra comfort in your room.

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Sit back and relax on an IKEA sofa

(With plenty of room for social distancing)

IKEA sofas and sofa beds are perfect for lounging at home reading books, studying with a laptop table or cosying up with a blanket and some snacks. Enjoy relaxing and social distancing together.

Your new favourite coffee spot

Create your own oasis in the comfort of your own armchair. Grab your favourite book, a cosy blanket, put your feet up on a matching footstool and relax.

Comfort essentials for your living room

Side tables so you don't have to pause for drinks, cushions for extra comfort and bowls for all your snacks!

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A calm and stylish bathroom

(Because comfort is for all rooms of the home) 

Start and end your day in a calm and sophisticated bathroom, where everything has it's place. With our range of bathroom cabinets and accessories you can make the most of your storage space and creating an organised and functional room.

That hotel feeling, at home

With cosy and luxurious bathroom textiles 

Our bathroom textiles include towels that dry you quickly, and bath mats that mean your feet are cosy straight from the shower. These soft everyday treats come in different sizes, colours and styles, perfect for you, your family and your guests.

Comfort essentials for your bathroom

Cosy textiles, storage, and perfect accesories makes a stylish, functional bathroom.

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For a little slice of paradise

Create an outdoor space the whole family can enjoy. Comfortable seats for the adults, a play area reserved just for the kids, and a parasol that provides shade where you need it.

Comfort essentials for your Outdoors

Outdoor cushions let you customise the look and comfort of your outdoor seating – create a whole new atmosphere with different patterns and colours!

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