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Removal service by Unearth

Need help removing your existing unused furniture? We have collaborated with Unearth, to make this change a reality. With Unearth take-back service, they can take care of your old furniture by disposing it in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way or resell it. Unearth will collect it with no upfront cost and sell it for you!

*Unearth take back service is only available in Klang Valley area and is subjected to Unearth's terms and conditions*

How it works?

Step 1

Click ''Book Now'' and fill up the form to book a collection date with Unearth.

Step 2

Our trained customer service will contact you to arrange for collection.

Step 3

Once collection date is confirmed, our team will do the heavy lifting.

Step 4

Finally, Unearth will sell and pay you a portion of the sale.

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What can be collected from my house?

Most furniture brands are eligible, but there are a few exceptions. We are unable to collect furniture that has structural damage, torn fabric, or water damage.

Additionally, there are certain items that are not applicable for collection. This includes modular furniture that is fixed to the wall, such as TV wall solutions. Similarly, modular built wardrobes are also not eligible for collection.

These are the list of furniture that we preferred to collect:

  • Sofa/beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Dining tables
  • Chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Children’s furniture
  • Book cases, cabinets and sideboards
  • Coffee table, side tables

What standards apply for the condition of the furniture?

At Unearth, we take the time to assess the condition of used furniture before collection. We want to make sure that we provide you with the best possible service. When it comes to assessing furniture, we consider the following criteria

Furniture should be

  • Clean
  • Undamaged structure
  • Minor scratches acceptable, simple repairs are possible
  • No missing parts
  • Not modified
  • Has not been stored outside
  • Has not been damaged by pets, scratches, sleeping beds
  • No water damages


  • IKEA has collaborated with Unearth, a Malaysian startup founded in 2020. This collaboration aims to promote sustainability by reducing furniture waste in Malaysia. Unearth operates a platform where customers can sell their used furniture. While Unearth manages the entire process, including the repair and resale of furniture, IKEA’s role is to support and endorse this initiative to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • No. Unearth is an independent Malaysian startup, and it is not a part of IKEA. However, IKEA collaborates with Unearth to support their mission of reducing furniture waste and promoting sustainability. 

  • Customers can use Unearth's platform to sell their used furniture. Unearth provides a white-glove service, including pick-up from customers’ homes, repairs if necessary, and listing the furniture for sale. IKEA supports this process by working together with Unearth to promote sustainable practices. 

  • For more information about Unearth and their mission to reduce furniture waste in Malaysia, you can visit Unearth's official website or contact them directly through their platform.