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What’s new in the IKEA range

One bedroom for two: no problem

Sharing a bed doesn’t have to mean compromising your individual style – or sleep. A few personalised additions can make the space feel like it was made just for you.

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A blue and cream bedroom with an IDANÄS bedframe, blue curtains, and two different styles of bed linen.
A beige TÄRNABY lamp with glass bulb is sitting beside a book on a white SONGESAND bedside table that is next to a bed.
A bed is decorated with multiple cushions and pillows, including LAPPDUNÖRT pillowcases, and floral and blue bed linen.
A blue floral SOMMARSLÖJA bed linen set is layered with a LAPPDUNÖRT striped pillowcase and a solid blue cushion on a bed.
Two turquoise PÄRONTRÄD candles are on a windowsill. One has a lid and the other has just been blown out.
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Make your bed pretty, and lie in it

A pink IDANÄS double bed with floral-print NÄSSELKLOCKA bed linen is in a bedroom with a large painting and a robe.

Decorate with natural fibres

Bring the beauty of the outside world in with wall decorations inspired by thousands of years of tradition. Nature is calling.

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MOLNSKOG wall decorations made with sustainable fibres hang on a wooden wall above a glass vase filled with wooden beads.
Three round GILLSTAD wall decorations made with sustainable fibres hang on a cream coloured wall.
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These glass storage jars demand attention

A wooden kitchen tray on a counter holds a ceramic jug and four glass storage jars of varying sizes and designs.