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Living room

A gallery of living room ideas

The full gallery of living room ideas.

This season comes in pastels

Give the living room a spring makeover! Combine a pastel colour palette with statement pieces like cushions with artistic patterns and a multi-striped rug and feel the energy you get from just some well-chosen additions.

See more textiles
See more textiles

Living room furniture for easy coordination

PÄRUP series – Timeless design with delicate details such as piping around the armrests and wooden legs
ÄPPLARYD series – Elegant simplicity with sleek lines and spacious seats
BACKSÄLEN series – Plenty of charm and comfort with deep seats, removable covers and arms that open up like a hug
VIHALS series – Low-price, easy-to-combine storage units with a simple and modern design
HAUGA series – Versatile, traditional-style storage with a price that’s easy to love
KALLAX series – All-around storage that organises everything in neat squares

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